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Directed by George Tillman. Junior notorious is a two thousand nine biopic about Wallace. His Life Stars Rapper. Jamal Woolard as Wallis which I really liked the theme song from that one and I think I talk about this a little bit. My episode Jamal Woolard. Who Played Biggie? was also a supporting character in the two-pack bio-pic all eyes on me because they were probably related. Yeah so they wanted to keep the characters similar. Yeah or the same yeah. Yeah we'll make sense producers included Sean Combs Wallace's former managers Wayne Barrow and Mark Pitts as well as Voletta Wallace on January sixteenth. Two thousand nine. The movie's debut debut at the grant eighteen theater in Greensboro north. Carolina was postponed after a man was shot in the parking lot before the show. Jeez that sucks. The film received mixed reviews and grossed over forty four million dollars worldwide. Other cast members include. Angela Bassett as Voletta Derek. Luke Sean Combs into Nick Smith AS FAITH EVANS NATURALLY NOT IN AS Little Kim Anthony. Mackie as to pock. Okay I could see that. Yeah then bad boy also released a soundtrack album to the film on January thirteenth. Two thousand nine. The album contains many of wallace's hit singles including hypnotize and juicy as well as rarities. And if you guys don't know Anthony Mackie is Falcon in the marvel movies and becomes Captain America. So then mackey doesn't play to park in the two-pack biopic and no he doesn't. That's really hard sentenced to say by the way so that was the notorious biopic but in two thousand eighteen which was only a couple of years ago. The film city of lies was produced based on pools investigation and Sullivan's book which I mentioned earlier labyrinth and cast Johnny Depp as pool and that was two years ago last year two years two thousand eighteen. Yep that's all I have in this episode. I know what ended on a weird spot. But that's all I got. Yeah well if you love. Tj segues he gateway Hugh cannot segue right into going over to patriotdepot dot com slash rock and roll heaven. Let us know how good we're doing by your generous donations. You can check us out on twitter rock and roll Lt. check us out on facebook at rock and Roll Heaven Pod. Our instagram is rock and roll heaven. Lt Still Not saying our website and you can email us at Roll Heaven. Lt At G. MEL DOT COM. And if and if I said that too fast you can always check those out in our show notes. Please come talk to us. We love hearing what you guys have to say. And that's pretty much it for this episode. Thank you for checking us out. Make sure to check US out in two weeks time where we talk about to pock woo. So now we're GONNA go from the East Coast to the West Coast the best coast. Oh Oh no. I'm from South Carolina. I can't say that I know right. Yeah so Again DAB in the middle. I don't mind which coast it is as long as it's a coast. Coastal Texas host of Alabama. That's why I said I don't care which coast it is as long as it's a coast meaning I e. I want to be by the notion no matter where it is. How often do you go to the ocean? Not that much anymore. Because they live in the fricking valley now so far makes me sad anyway. Can we be done now by guys dedicated soil? The teachers that told me never mouse. People lived above. The bills was hustled to call the police. When I was trying to make the money beat my daughter. All struggle thaw good. Maybe it was all a dream. I don't mark themed heavy up in the hanging pictures on my whole rap with Mr Molly Fall. I let my brought to talk stocks way best when the red light lumberjack. Remember off the top from like excitement like the world trace. Taupe THOUGHT FREE UPLOADING TODA. Call the same thing. It's all good and I don't know talk the personal and to spread the way Allen. Keep plotted right now to another thought that can happen happen. I was to use the jets and stuff now but he's planning to play Mississippi Dad's condos don't agree so loud biggest speak liberal couldn't patent must be considered a school stereotype of black male. Just understood still all. Don't knows genesis was dropped fifty three degrees number so to wrap up the show folks about to these new. The remark celebrate every noble. The Kazak would miss as off every time I thought we more dust heat walk. What's the worst that we could negative? The positive don't know Nakazono know his own. Don't don't map embiid..

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