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In the food service industry is the focus of a meeting that started sunday in dallas about three thousand people are expected to attend the women's food service forum to map out ways to get more women in leading spots in the businesses that include manufacturers distributors and operators about one hundred ceos and other executives we'll be part of the discussion and the conference will also feature speeches by former first lady michelle obama and former news anchor gretchen carlsson the group's initiative to close the gender equity gap comes as the study of the food industry by leinen that oregon mckinsey and company found that while women make up almost half of entry level were irs they fill just twenty three percent of senior executive positions the oscar stage will be decked out in 45 million swore off ski crystals this sunday production designer derek mclane handpicked most of the sparklers for the stage that he created for the show he said in an interview the design incorporates various ariza film history and is meant to evoke a sense of hollywood glamour this is the tony award winners six consecutive year designing the oscar stage he's received an emmy nomination every year for his work on the show mcclain's that he brainstorms without considering practicalities like budget or mobility than rayneses ideas back down to earth statistics show pigs outnumber people in denmark by more than two to one there are also hogging the market in europe as the largest livestock category european statistical agency eurostat said thursday that with a population of about one hundred and fifty million in the european union pigs far outnumber cattle cows of the second largest livestock category with eighty nine million eurostat says forty percent of the eu's pigs are in spain and germany with significant numbers also in france denmark the netherlands and poland denmark is the only country where pigs outnumber people with two hundred and fifteen pigs to every one hundred residents not coincidentally it's also a country known.

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