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It something might be there now. Shoes some type of indicated indicator, but we really don't use it as a source of anything because like I said, we've tested it and. I can. I can use a handheld flashlight and make it blink a couple of times just believe in that I I don't like that at. That Sean. Because it. 'cause away he set up that flashlight it set. To where you can blow on it and delight logo off and on. Okay. Now I am definitely. I'm not a fan of that flashlight. Okay. I'm a little confused. Okay with flashlight. So you turn the flashlight on or is this a special flashlight? Regular. Do you do just turn it on and you ask a question? No No. No you unscrew it young screw where you put the batteries in. Okay. You GonNA screw it until it's Like. A hair touch. And you set it down and they're supposed to answer. Can you explain that? On. We've never really experimented with all that much. All I know is that you take the Lens, you turn it to just barely making contact. And you ask a question and and it Kinda like makes like come on or off in in reaction to the question. what I understand that the metal contact actually expands and contracts based on temperature. which is the electron flow. So that metal in causing metal to expand and caused the light to come on, and then when it cools down, it loses contact basically that's works according to physics I mean, I've never really tested to really know one way or the other. Sorolla can't give you an answer. Sledge's know how you do it but not the reasoning behind it. Jason did you ever to do that? Yes actually I did I use UH small MAG light. And you know, of course, I was very skeptical. This one I'm like, okay to flash like we're talking about you because you've got that metal filaments off and that has to be a flashlight with incandescent ball. We can't be an led it will not work. Okay. So. Yes..

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