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They said you remember Akron store bender Akron. You guys remember that Akron know maybe I'm a little older than you guys. Are you remember the Broadway Buffa GMs? Let's see what else he wrote here. Robinsons may company affect cove, Mervyn's fed mart or Gemco. You remember Jim. I do remember Jim. Yeah. Remember the guy who sent us the Picchi folders. Oh, that's right. That's about them for thirteen cents a gym. I still have mine writer. I remember going to the gym coat in Woodland Hills. We were growing Christmas shopping, or you still have yours. We're going Christmas shopping at JEM Cohen Woodland Hills, the target now thirteen cents. That's probably the target that you went to. Well, maybe not. But it's the target on Ventura boulevard near like Corbin. Be Gemco, and I remember going there with my mom. And you had to show your your card to get in. It was a membership. I had forgotten that it was membership only. Yeah. And there was a glass booth you had to show your car to get in. And my mom said, oh, I forgot the card and the lady said, well, you know, we can't let anybody in who's not a member and my mom. It and it was literally called her every name in the book. You know, you son of a you mother bought up. But, but I bet. Bye bye bye. And as we walked out of Gemco because they're not letting us in at that point, we walk we walk out and she'd parked on the street. I remember that because the parking lot was full, we walk out on the street to get into the station wagon to go home and right across the street is the church we go to Saint melts. And so today by look at that, that's the church we go to every Sunday. And she goes. Yeah. And she Finally I think put to a two together that we spend an hour in there every Sunday. And they only teach you not to do what my mom did in gem co. That's the only thing that Catholic church teaches you and how to treat other people. Right. That's it how to treat other people. But anyway, so Gemco. Yeah, that's a good one. Here's another one. Harrison frank. I don't remember that being here we go. We've, we've talked about these before national lumber. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. In ba- builds emporium. Yeah. Picking save. Oh, the.

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