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It's just you have to remember to focus on the positive ones because those tell you you are making a difference and even though there are sprinkled negative comments everywhere just like you know. Let it go. Yeah now I find it so easy to just like either block or just forget and I. It was an adjustment that I had to make. Oh yeah totally I feel like you have to like center yourself like you can't let the good comments get you too excited. And you can't let the bad comments get you too sad like you have to keep some sort of distance or detachment. Yes Oh that right as creative. Can't tie yourself worth into other people. Say absolutely so now like you said it takes a lot for me to actually feel something whether it's good or bad. Yeah and so. It's Kinda interesting too because you want you want to feel good but at the same time you're like can't let this yet. It's like a weird balance. Yeah like I feel like if you let yourself feel good then your your emotions are open to feel really bad about stuff but but then also if you stay centered than even if people are spilling their heart out saying good things. You're still a little bit like okay. Thank you but you're not like Oh my God. Yes absolutely yeah. It's it's like a way to like protect yourself. I guess I believe in it. It's just drawing personal boundaries. Now Right Boundaries. Were being your emotional health and check. Yeah what would you say is a typical day in your life or maybe week in your life. Whatever is a better picture? Yeah I would say probably week since every day is different. Always make sure now and this is how. I keep myself from burning. I always make sure to give myself a Sabbath Day and I'm not a lot of people have the I guess privilege or like the luxury. Audrey Tutu We'll day to themselves but in my current season of life. I do and so I was very intentional about saving day where I don't do anything that drains me And Take Care of myself that day in that day for me is Monday. Tuesday's when I go volunteer and then Wednesday through Friday on my workdays Saturday is kind of like A. If I have any work left over then I'll do it on Saturday but Sunday is reserved for church in friends so cloud. That's actually a very balanced on chill. I had to sound grades. That had to be very intentional. Because I'm like I remember what it's like to burn out Dude Marwan. And where do you volunteer on Tuesdays? Soon yes I volunteer at Church. As one of their media people also. Oh yeah anything. When it comes to like stage design or social media they had asked me for advice and stuff yeah awesome. I do have a question from facebook related to this from Juliet she asked what was your content creation schedule like before quitting your job verse. I mean you already told us what it is now but I guess for people who are working and would like to do what you do. How did you make that work in the beginning? I'M NOT GONNA lie. That was really tough. Yeah because when? I started making money on instagram. While having a full-time job I was already in the mindset that. I'm going to do this fulltime so I poured like it was basically having two fulltime jobs. Yeah but I. OF COURSE Kinda don't recommend that I recommend taking it slow saving a lot of money and that you can you know. Take your time and enjoy the process rather than yeah throwing yourself into survival mode right away. totally yeah so it was just work work work. There's no Sabah's ever bowman. I was always thinking up. Like what can I do? That's new and will catch on with the algorithm right. And this whole time you were doing it yourself. Yeah I know now you have someone helping you right. Yeah how's that relationship? All Shoe so lovely. Her name's Jenny. I mean I've seen channel like I watched one video guy. She would be so ecstatic to know that really. Yeah we'll jenny came of nowhere. Jimmy just sought me out. She heard about me from church. I think in sought me out and just wanted to learn as much as she could for me But more than that I I. I felt strongly that I wanted her to be my friend as well. 'cause she nuts much like spiritual values in my life. She's always willing to pray for me and just badly little sister that I never had in so whenever I film or whatever I bring Ginny over and I don't even know what jobs will give her most of the time. Just find a way to be super helpful and Yeah I love. Her relationship is so cute. And it's so sweet today. Sponsor is native. I love clean and simple products especially when it comes to what I put on. My Skin. Native creates cruelty free and non toxic deodorants soaps and body wash but unlike other brands they believe less is more they use ingredients and no aluminum parabens or talk which may be linked to serious health concerns like breast cancer. Instead natives products are filled with familiar ingredients like coconut oil shea butter and Tapioca Starch. Everything's made in the. Us and all ingredients are thoughtfully sourced from around the world their products come in a wide variety of sense like coconut and Vanilla and Eucalyptus and mint. I use the lavender and rose deodorants. Of course it's superlight but lasts all day and I love that sweet lavender scent. If you don't make sense or have sensitive. Skin can also try their unscented formula or Baking Soda Free Formula. There's no risk with trying native. They offer free shipping returns and exchanges within the US and today native has a special offer for lavender lifestyle listeners. For twenty percent off your first purchase visit native Deodorant Dot Com and use the Promo Code lavender at checkout that's native deodorant and Deodorant Dot Com and the Code Lavender to receive twenty percent off your first purchase of native products. I think you mentioned you want to talk about your wellness retreat this year. Tell me more about that. Yes so I. After being like an influence her for a couple of years I've been in. I'm sure you know all these like influence or events to Kinda treat you like princesses but they every day people who are not in this industry. They don't really get to be treated that way and they don't know what it's like to go to an event and get all this free stuff in leave feeling like royalty and I wanted to create that kind of abundant experience or the public And Yeah have them. Just come to this retreat. Get like a massage or get their nails done or play with dogs that the adopted and engage in all of these self care activities and Anna here all of these motivational speakers and leave feeling as though they did. They deserve to feel this way. All the time deserve to take care of themselves in. I feel like it's kind of like still taboo a subject in the secular world and in church like in Church it's Cena's Kinda selfish if you indulge in self care and you know it's a difficult thing to convince people love but I think once they experience it they'll change their mind. I love that so. Are you planning that for this year? Yeah so it went. When will that be fair? Being my manager in my team we're GONNA just pour ourselves into planning whilst we can. We wanted to write and hopefully early next year. Yeah let me know about it. But for sure I'd love to like Sharon. Yes also so now. I have some questions from facebook. Nothing so laney asked. How did you grow your channel? And how did you manage like the complexities of? Seo and Algorithms. Okay so really good question because I had prior experience with instagram it. You know it really helps when I moved to youtube because I kinda.

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