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Shut some thirteen thirteen thirty six sixteen from three, and you know, he might run out of gas a little bit because they get an ad to fight back down fifteen and you know to get to one possession game. There's a trip where they're down three. He got to really looks at three didn't make either MRs last four threes. Played like, forty one minutes might run out of gas a little bit. But again quit at the bugs for making them work that hard Jackie do you. Are you a believer in the bucket of call to? I am a believer. Big believe in the bucks, and I'm gonna call a little bit of shenanigans here on harden being guests. Okay. Because I watched that game start to finish. And I mean harden look what he does with the ball when he's on. It's it's incredible. That one shot tin that hitting the corner was just ridiculous ridiculous. So that aside I watch and see there's something about hardening bugs me and it happened again in this game last night. So they go fall behind by ten. I think it is. He comes down one on three drives to the basket. I got no problem with that. Because he's an incredibly gifted offensive player. I got no issue with him taking them on and go and hard to the whole what happens afterwards. What bothers me. He misses. Okay. That's fine. People miss puts his head down barely jogs back. And then out so like, you can't be tired. When you miss a shot. All right. And then the next time down for him. Sorry. That's just how I feel. You come down the next you come down on the next possession. He misses again. And I forget him. You can. Help me -cause. I'm watching it in my pajamas. But he. He misses the shot. He's frustrated any files the guy in the back court. And so this is something that could hurt our fastball from Yonathan in between did did. No agreed with all that. Right. But this is something that does happen with harden. And it brings me back to something that Koby Bryant. And I'm talking vintage Kobe Bryant said to me once and I wish I could remember everything. But I don't I do remember I was asking about a young player who was scoring crazy who was doing great. And their team was winning and Kobe looked at me. And he said, yeah. Well, you know what I don't care about. How players do when things are going good. I care about what great players do when things are going bad. And so that's why I still hold out as one of these all in James harden is the greatest thing I've ever seen people. Call shenanigans on your Shannon's Jackie. This is this is a double shenanigans just like ain't gonna say them double negative type situation. So. I'm gonna say something here. Not not it. Thinks will go invention going pretty bad. When Chris Paul strains Hammy, which by the way after two or three weeks, it's still two or three more weeks for we're gonna see three. And so they're the rockets are no sepia three owned five without him this season. We saw obviously what happened in the playoffs. When he went down last year man just felt like the rockets rolling C P three goes down. There goes it's going to be big trouble. And then James harden plays the best stretch of basketball in his career. So I mean things have had for the rockets during this ridiculous stretch. And harden his lifted that team back to the point where I think right now, I would say conventional wisdom is the rockets of reestablish themselves. The primary threat old to the warriors disrespected Denver who just lost Houston or to Oklahoma City who also lost a Houston Dern of stretch. But the tough stretch of the schedule C P three goes down, midway and hard to absolutely cared. The rockets soda like it's just. I've been smooth sailing while while no I understand I understand that. And that's a very very very. Okay. But I'm talking about I'm taking the game them down to micro level here. I'm talking about when things go awry. Okay. What happens? And I still think the jury is out for Kevin James harden at the end of big games in big situations. When things don't go his way. That's all I'm saying. And what in the big scheme of things for the stretch. He's just had. That's a little complaint, isn't it? But it's just one that I can't shake sorry. So that was a fastball..

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