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Am the community manager. Dr hammond plus. We've collected some of your top questions for the dr hammond this month. We're going to ask mark anything so we're excited to hear what he has to say about your top questions. Let's go to the expert himself. Hello dr mark. Hyman is daughter buddy. We're so glad that you're here and we're so glad to be able to ask you these questions. So let's get started on the first question that we have is from your community member who wants to know about omega three supplementation and the question is that there's so many articles that have conflicting information on whether or not omega three supplementation is helpful or is it necessary. How do we sort through all the articles in studies to find out what's important and what are your opinions on an shawl. The truth is that the nutrition science is very using. It's very complicated in. It's hard to parse out specifics. it's also very reductions right so the current study that was polished which is called the strength is a randomized clinical trial By steepness friend of mine and top notch researcher randomize groups of people to either taking of fish oil or corn oil alternative and they really found no difference in the outcome in the patients tour at high risk for heart disease. But if you look at the sub characteristics of the patients These people were all pretty sick. And so the question is if you were to take appropriate people who are generally healthy and not iris. Can you follow them over. Many decades who at adequate levels omega threes. In what would be you just. Don't know and again. It was relatively short study but there was really no difference in outcomes. The challenge is also what are the characters of the patients are they. Smokers diet For you know we don't really know what's the overall context is if you're using a natural settles like fish. Oil is different than using a drug. They work in different ways concert introduction sway and so they may have more subtle effects in may have abbasi call Clean morphing affects others. There's many many different effect from a substance when you take a drug like a staten. It has extra facts but primarily lowers the allen it recently mission on a specific enzyme specific catholic with fish over. It works on hundred different sites in the body and it's essential for health. I cannot survive long term without omega. Three fatty acid. That's why they call them. Essential fatty acids hearts the central for life. You cannot get them other than from your diet and primarily from wild fish or while plant's owner. You get you get your supplements now. Not all fish. Oil is insane. What kind of fish oil were the using was contaminated with toxins wasn't oxidized and so forth. What were the what was the underlying health of the patient. So it's challenging. Just look at the studies and draw conclusion say this definitively shows official is useless. And forget about it. You know when you're looking at one disease one condition one substance. It's not how these natural work. For example. magnesium were trump. Three hundred enzymes omega. Three fatty involved in formation of your cell membranes are critical for cell communication regulated formation critical for your hair skin nails. They're critical for mood cognitive function so they have so many other benefits in the body and even if maybe they're not hugely effective for someone's had a heart attack or down arctic tack to prevent a second one or at one of their bonds again. It doesn't mean that they're not useful as part of your overall health Dangerous there was some evidence that maybe increased arrhythmias although doesn't quite make sense because other studies have shown the italy where they where they actually was dish automatic lower levels of rid me as or rigor heartbeats death after getting wishing simple straightforward Isn't i have to look at the overall context of all research or the biological mechanisms. How does it work in your body. What other functions does it having. Your body can produce your cardiovascular so it's important to be more critical thinking about it not just stay on As one study shorter doesn't work for this particular condition. This population generalizable to i can tell you clinically from seeing thousands of patients that may many many americans are very efficiently fats in in so critical brain development. If you're giving a baby formula high point our average seven points lower. Because there's no mega fats down her. Realize this and they're putting omega three. Dha into the put me into the formula. In fact the study found. I'm not wrong. i'm going to double check. But i think what they did was they gave them. Gpa which is just one component of omega elderly. Both epa oscillated both In game four grants. I think that you know again. I wouldn't dismiss it. I think Do i take it absolutely you. I think that it's necessary for our health and vitality absolutely. I think it's important which one you get. Excellent all the same. Now you can get From two companies Test purity potency. They may have tamminen sticking have a lot of chemicals and metals because the fish themselves are contaminate says important to get the right fish and right process for shrek walled off. For example charbroil omega hs is a fish from cod liver. Oil that comes from alaska developed by my friend and colleague mentor. Jeffrey bland which is for sale. Big both health and it's process a very different way In what had done such thing. Toxins pack Temperature and pressure so preserve within that fish loans made for example..

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