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Miami begins tonight as the democrats who want to be president begin to stake their claims it's the first debate of the presidential election season half of the field taking the stage tonight a._b._c.'s aaron katersky with a preview with ten candidates on stage and more than double that in the race this debate is a chance for a breakout moment you got sixty seconds parameter you know it's not not a lot of time on new york one bill de blasio made clear he understood the stakes huge audience for me chance to make a first impression on the american people to blasio will share a stage with booker castro delaney gabbard inslee globus are aurore ryan and warren ten other democrats debate here thursday night aaron katersky a._b._c. news miami democratic pollster and strategist brad bannon will be watching i think elizabeth warren we'll have an advantage because she's the only one of the focal major candidates that's going to be on the night one panel and so she has a chance to dominate senator warrant on stage tonight these debates will be carried at nine o'clock eastern on n._b._c. m._s._n._b._c. as well as telemundo senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has agreed to call a vote on a bill to fund compensation for the victims of nine eleven first responders met with mcconnell and say he has a sense of urgency to make sure the fund never runs out of money yesterday's meeting came two weeks after comedian jon stewart called for congress or called out congress for its lack of action he said first responders did their job now it's time for capitol hill lawmakers to do there's seven oh seven get up off that couch new research says watching television could be the most harmful sedentary behavior out there and couch potatoes often have other bad habits watch television were more likely to be overweight smoke cigarettes and didn't exercise very much it's bad news dr nisha goldberg at n._y._u. langone health says watching more than four hours of t._v. a day can lead to heart disease and premature death that'll get you off the couch red sox win in the raindrops at fenway six three the final over the white sox red sox will look for sweep today it's afternoon baseball at fenway park hopefully in the sunshine and then the red sox are heading out of town a couple of days off as they head to london they are taking on the yankees in a weekend series overseas coming up it's seven oh eight let's head to the markets on wall street checkout business news from bloomberg here's andrew o.'day stock indexes referring with all time highs jeff unemployment is at its lowest level in a half century but many americans are not feeling it bank rate survey of more than one thousand consumers finds about forty percent believe the economy is not so good or poor and contrast is ample financial experts finds nine and ten rate the economy as good or excellent analysts say lower income americans are simply not doing as well as indicators suggest twenty eight percent of us have nothing not one dollar saved for a rainy day robots are on track to wipe out almost a tenth of the world's manufacturing jobs research from oxford economic says while automation should boost the economy as a whole is likely to create greater inequality as appointment losses or concentrated in certain industries and countries manufacturing could lose twenty million positions by twenty thirty some features up though that's futures rising thirteen nasdaq futures up fifty one andrew o.'day bloomberg business on w._b._z..

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