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Yes yes but of course In so many people come to the Austrian covert abused and the CIA audible in many ways. You know sexually. Psychologically many horrible things and those people Are Actually they're much foster to open up and to to be vulnerable. Yeah but not only vulnerable but Those people are much more foster Determined to transform their lives. You know one hundred percent agree with because because that's that's how I've I've allowed myself to be okay with everything like anything that's negative. That's happened to me. I'm just not afraid to talk about it with anybody. If any if you ask me any question I'll answer it honestly like I'll always answer you honestly I'll be like yeah. This is what happened. This is high. Felt it sucked. But it's so therapeutic. It's the most therapeutic thing in the world is not. Allow yourself to hold any of that in to anyone. You know someone just ask you a question. I mean obviously within. There's there's always a within reason but for the most part if you're just having a genuine conversation and someone asks you something honestly answer them honestly honestly. Don't be afraid if you know this. This happened to me. This was a thing like and I got through it and here I am. I got a smile on my face cup of tea in my hand. I'm good but you know what I noticed by living and working in that place in or show but it's worth the the people depot who suffered most in hats such horrible circumstances in their life much more loving much more compassionate much more human much more spiritual so nothing nothing can break or heart really. Yes it is something you realize going through this. And it's a huge relief. Is everyone talks about yes. But I'm as I have a special condition I went through this and I have special suffering special problems but you realize that this Brahman Brahmin German central whatever MON source you the true I. It really isn't ultimately affected by by that stuff it's suggestive to it but it's not like I say stained you know. And that's a a lovely a lovely lovely lovely realization league's Asian but it doesn't come immediately to you know this is a bit Up there this realization relation Before you go to that You know when you when I when I came to -ocial resort I've went through many therapies apiece. So remember and clean. Don't stop and many many of us don't even remember what happened in our child what you know. So you uncover those ones and you killed them and and you heal them with meditation you know and then you you're you are not with broken heart your with broken open heart you know. It's very different convict some open. Yes you know something about this like I say having people close to you who are manipulative and even Osha was fooled. I would say that that really makes I find it endearing. That Osho was fooled by this person if that was the case because it really shows that the human I'm in it shows that nobody's infallible. No one is God. No one is absolutely frigging perfect and that he is human just as us and it's shows an innocence there as well to see that someone who's so close could be so manipulative. Septic you know to me I don't know I find it quite positive I find it a nice thing for some reason at humanizing right like it's worse for some reason. He allowed her to be there but I am not sure sure. He was aware because he was show for sometimes. He wasn't silenced and he was not really going out of his room. You don't so I'm not sure how much he knew about her manipulations. I don't think he I don't think he. Yeah Anyway so let me let me say this. I want to wrap up here but I wanNA give Osho the last word here I want to ask you. I'm sorry I had to move my phone silly not over here. Let me ask you this. What what is it about Osho? WHO's gained that? He's gained the following shoe dog. I mean I mean it's it's huge following. What makes him different from? Like lineages like large lineages from say like on the the hugging hugging saints or even Jesus Christ in Christianity. What what is really got that I think for you made it at the time or for now the really the thing that says okay I? This is who I'm GONNA listen to. This is what what is what is he got. What's his thing you know? What does he bring into us? You know he included everything. She didn't exclude anything. You know King. His teaching were including the Buddha and the Zorba so the celebration of L. Material Life Life enjoyment of life and meditation together so. He didn't exclude anything. He he was not telling you in order to be spiritual you have to give up this and they send that Yup and he was incredibly charismatic Martic in the very advanced I think and.

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