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His time once again for our historical headlines for today Wednesday, November the fourteenth we have some birthday recipients county rice, former secretary of state national security advisor under the Bush administration. Bush forty three. Celebrating a birthday today. You don't win her dreamers. She wants to be the Commissioner of the NFL and singer Stephen Bishop songs on and on. And it might be you pop singer. Say stephen. All right. I'll go Mr. Bishop, Mr. Bishop sixty seven Condie rice is sixty four years of age today was on this day in eighteen fifty one. The great white whale was published. Moby Dick Moby Dick who the author ones. Herman Melville, very good. He knows he's Moby. Dick. See? Kinda ease into this. Now, let's take it easy here. You feel any better today? I think I might be better. Yeah. Okay. That's good. Eighteen eighteen sixty two during the civil war president Lincoln gave the go-ahead for he planned to capture the confederate capital of Richmond. The resulting battle of Fredericksburg proved to be one. Sleepy defeat for the union. Was it a disaster for Lincoln and the union army Fredericksburg eighteen eighty eight the USC Methodists play their first football game. Later, be known as the same you USC.

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