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There there is a sense in which chinese philosophy valued know-how and ability to live well and they prize that over abstract accounts of the world. Yeah i mean that's very good. I'm glad you said that. Because that is the impression i got so it's not complete and as you say it's probably matters of degree rather than completely western thinkers right. Who were i mean. Aristotle was about know how right he was training to be a virtuous person and a for nieces. Practical reason can't be codified. You just have it or you don't so it is. It's a classic kind of know. How with all those warnings place if i were to take this distinction and run with yet further than i should I mean i can't help but come at this from the point of view of a theoretical physicist. Who does all of those things you said the greeks wanted us to do inventing abstract stations of the world. Is it possible that that sort of greek predilection paved the way for An abstract scientific view of the world and helped science catch on in that way. But maybe at the same time it is not as good at living as human beings in the world Along the way. Yeah that's possible. There's been a loads of books over the decades on this right the greek origins of science you know for a long time it was a big cottage industry trying to explain why science didn't arise in china because they were technologically way or advanced in the west for a long time To what was going wrong. What was going wrong there assuming that science was overeating for human as race So yeah there's something to that There's something to the valuing of abstract thought. I think individualism also plays a role so I think a lot of just historical accidents are playing an important role. So when science get started in europe europe's fragmented twain all these different states different rulers..

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