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Having run Parker's back Brown. Parker doesn't play special teams. Ron Parker has been a healthy scratch at in the Seattle game. So this isn't a situation where they cut a guy that was a significant contributor because they wanted this spot back four ill DT's purposefully. It was one of those situations. I cut a guy who wasn't seeing time and just wasn't getting on the field at all. So it made more sense. Even if him even if L BT's backup that he'd be on the roster instead of maybe Ron Parker. It took us thirty minutes to talk about Ron Parker's cut. But that's just crazy. Also, the idea of Andrew Wylie at left guard who that could. That could be fun. Just saying maybe maybe in the Super Bowl who knows. Next year while left guards. Are you go down? I mean, I mean or yeah, there's writer, I mean, Australia too. You know, he's on the restrooms. Well at Stacey Meyer at this point. I'm not sure I want Eric berry playing with the D finally getting it going without him. I'm afraid of the rest elements. What are your thoughts? It varies healthy if he's able to give one hundred percent for whatever amount of snaps that he can if he can go out there and play at whatever his best is right now the best that we saw a chargers game. I think he still better than Daniel Sorensen or even Jordan Lucas as much as I love him. The problem is I don't know if you could get that out of burying on snap is now basis whatever he was against Seattle. He wasn't tested a lot. But even the few times where he had a chance to come up and really make a play. He didn't seem necessarily timid. But he just was it selling out on like he didn't feel a hundred percent like he was trying to hold back because he didn't know he was unsure about he's coming up and putting everything on the line for that one play over and over again. So if you're gonna get that very that we saw Seattle, and again, he wasn't tested a lot. So for all I know he was just playing his job doing his role. Just I haven't seen berry been be that unim- Pac twelve and a football game ever as a Kansas City Chiefs. It just doesn't happen. There's not a game where he plays that many stabs literally makes one played entire game. So I feel like something had to be going on there. If you're getting that very again. Yeah. I'd rather have Jordan Lucas energy Daniel Sorensen's playing a little bit better. As is still don't love Sorenson as a starting safety. But he's out there. He looks a little more athletic. He's been playing better if I can get berry playing hard as third safety or just splitting snaps even with one of those other guys I could see us especially since the patriots who are really going to try to pound the rock try to use gronk out on the passing routes. I would like to have Barry for that only. If he's willing to give everything every plot. It all comes down to his effort level and his desire. I know we make we use the word spirit because Eric berry uses the word use the word spirit..

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