San Diego, Chris Cadence Scott Sherman, Murder discussed on Mark Levin


New series after an all-news supernatural Thursday on the CW San Diego. I see. The army national guard is committed to keeping the country safe into community secure composed of hundreds of thousands of citizen soldiers from all walks of life. The guard is always ready to respond to local or national emergencies. We protect the homeland. We're always there when called upon and in every state and territory we stand guard for our communities to learn more, log onto nationalguard dot com. Sponsored by the California hardy national guard, everybody California Broadcasters Association and this station now from the studios of us. Eight five local San Diego's, talk, and breaking you. This is sixty big trouble. I'm Ed MacKay that story AM seven sixty murder attempted. Murder and hate crime allegations were filed today against John Ernest. The young man who allegedly burst into a synagogue on the last day of Passover and opened fire killing a woman and injuring three other people, including the rabbi of the congregation San Diego city councilman Mark Kersey announced today that he has changed his political affiliation from Republican to independent that leaves Chris cadence Scott Sherman is the council's only Republicans San Diego housing commission and five other public housing agencies around the county or sector received millions of dollars in funding from the US department of housing and urban development to offer rental assistance to low income families. This report is sponsored by in and out burger in and out burger fresh back. Nothing is frozen. Everything is delivered fresh to every restaurant beef buns and produce because.

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