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Kfi in the sky helps get you there faster i will kohlschreiber high randa high rhonda rhonda gerard rhonda gerard ronald your are is a professor in the english department at the california state university comma fraz and boy does she liked to write well last night after we all learned the very sad news that former first lady barbara bush arguably one of the most grandmotherly grandma's we've ever seen ever in the white house ever and probably one of the nicest people in the american public seen you may not have liked your politics you may not have liked her family but she was a nice lady and she lived with her huts she found her husband early on they'd been married for what seventy three years something i mean well rhonda gerard professor at the fresno state department of english expressed her displeasure in this tweet last night about five thirty barbara bush was a generous and smart an amazing racist who along with her husband raised a war criminal f outta here she says the right word f outta here with your nice words now that tweet alone is is terrible taste right but then you find out that this tweet is written by somebody who teaches at one of our california public universities and you're horrified right i mean just the f word alone and then you know the barbara bush statement the whole bit distasteful gary and shannon weekday mornings at ten kfi am six forty i was driving my wife my daughter from oregon to california and i had twenty miles left to empty and there was nothing around and i did a lot of neutral downhills and surely the air conditioning off windows up and leaning forward you know to try to get the weight right in the car and i barely made it carves won't but you can pop i was driving chitty chitty bang bang but i made it by coasted to the pump but i made it.

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