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Topics dart live right now. Well good morning hello. Welcome to the view yesterday. The house committee investigating the january. Six insurrection was captivated by police accounts of the hell and hatred. They faced while trying to protect elected officials from rioters at the capitol. Take a look of the giving cpr to one of the writers who breached the capital in an effort to save her life. That i finally had a chance to let my family know that i was allied out to push my wife away from me because she wanted to hug me more than six months later. I'm still trying to recover from my injuries. I've been left with the psychological trauma in the emotional anxiety of having survived such a horrific event in my children continue to deal with the trauma of nearly losing their dad. That day. i feel like i went to hell and back to protect them in the people in this room but too many are now telling me that hell doesn't exist or that hell actually. Wasn't that bad. Truly nothing has prepared me to address. Those elected members of our government who continued to deny the events of that day and in doing so betray their oath of office. I told them to just leave the capital and response. They showed no man. This is our house. President trump invited us here. We're here to stop the steel. Do my best to keep politics out of my job but in this circumstance i responded. Well i voted for joe biden. Is my vote count. Am i nobody. That prompted a torrent of racial epithets. One woman in a pink maggot shirt yelled you here. That guys voted for joe biden. All of them were telling us from us. Nobody else there was nobody else sunny. Would you think when you watch that. Gut wrenching testimony yesterday. Well i was devastated by what i heard by what i saw. Four courageous brave officers men. Who are clearly still suffering from. Ptsd i was. I think that it's clear that this is the face of domestic terrorism because that is what happened on january sixth. I was also just so taken aback by the racism that was front and center during the hearing yesterday with these brave men being called racial slurs while they were trying to protect not only. I think our capital but our democracy and i'm also disgusted and dismayed by the reaction of republican leadership and republicans in congress who are either not watching this who are downplaying it. Someone like kevin mccarthy who is supposed to be the leader is saying things like. I'm too busy to watch it other. Congress people that are saying that. It's not bipartisan. When you have. Liz cheney there an atom king's inger and i was also disgusted by people like laura ingraham fox news who is speaking to her millions of viewers and awarding medals to these brave officers and claiming that it was performed live as well as tucker carlson who last night was laughing at some of the testimony and mocking these brave men. I'm disgusted quite frankly whoopie at some of the reactions to that brave testimony. Sarah how important is it for americans to see and hear this testimony it. It's so important because you know one thing that happens with time is it starts to fade the reality of that day. There was a poll that showed that last month. Sixty six percent supported a commission to look at january six then now only fifty eight percent and what i see there as republicans running down the clock toward midterms. They're trying to let time pass. So it fade so it doesn't it's not as important so maybe it can be rewritten. There are things about that day. That i like any concern. American citizens should wanna know. In addition to potentially congressional members giving tours in the days leading up to the january sixth insurrection. You also have a lot of military people that were part of that day. How did that radicalization happen. Like we should want to know that. If you care about this country. I also think that you know oftentimes on the right. You hear about supporting the blue the police. It's the party of the military. That's the proud members that support our military so fervently and always have. Although we all do that that tends to be something that falls on the right. If you care about the police if you care about the military you have to care about what happened on january six and we also are in the midst of talking about raising crime. Crimeline crime rates everywhere. The country's going to hell in a handbasket. Then you have to care about the crime on january. Sixth that happened. If you don't get to the bottom of it repeats itself. And i was just going to echo. What sunny said i. I saw the laura ingram clips and to me. There was a time where we could agree to disagree. You can use your words and you can have a conversation and ended up on different sides of the aisle or a conversation but you to mock someone like. We wonder why we're having issues with kids committing suicide and bullying when grown adults take a platform like that and mock someone's trauma in that way you're setting the example and it's disgusting so joe. What did you take away from. Yesterday's hearing i agree with what both saron sunny have said already. So i wasn't surprised by the reports that they gave about racism. A lot of this. This insurrection was based on white supremacy and racism. So it's not shocking. That one of these deplorables would use that racial epithet. I was thinking first of all. Forget about the republican party ever being called the law and order party. That's done so but mccarthy made a mistake didn't he. He made a mistake. He was offered to have a bipartisan committee. So that he could put the liars there jim jordan and the rest of these guys holy and meadows and all these other liars he could put them there and he said no not that she was going to allow it because if he picked those people which eventually did pelosi got rid of them so but he never had anybody and it so it must be driving trump. The hit man out of his mind watching this. I was taking some solace in that fact yesterday that he's home saying where's my jim jordan. Where's my roy. Cohn he always was yelling mad. Where's my side now..

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