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First we're going to go through the games uh that happened last weekend they're going to look at the games that are coming up next weekend mmm uh we're gonna talk about the basketball game that happened on monday night because it was crazy but we actually talked about that shakes i don't know if you would i need to talk about i think you guys hit the importance staff so we're just gonna do football last weekend football next weekend an interview shea so get excited yes uh we played around as i've made clear now fifteen times with the format of this podcast and we have yet to settle on anything but i over the weekend while watching football games i just had a note on my notes apple my phone right is kept a running tally of everything i thought whether related the sports are not oh whether smart or not on whether worth discussing or not and i meant too much like with the intro i meant to revisit it and organiz it into some sort of here's what we're going to do in the podcast i didn't okay so what i do have here in front of me is a list of bullet points a things a thought throughout the weekend watching football and you're just going to read i think i'm just going to read them entirely plausible i wanna be clear i did not review i reviewed the first three and was like those are good enough for content i there could be some in here that i'm like that's we just move on then okay i'm just giving you guys an insight into what happens in my brain when i spend 48 solid hours on the couch and no not all of those were football but there were other reason okay and so we're going to just experience football through my head i am so excited for another good way to do that by the way is to just follow him twitter because usually drink in usually tweeting sunni where you can do that at kaitlan or at ashley what's your at ashley pray bend it's just at ashley braibant yet is no you think so i don't tweet that much eight maybe you should get more familiar with your ashley brave brand i should she live i that was really good it's the it's the f.

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