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The headset for those of you who care about audio in your quest, which I don't blame. You're doing don't forget new oculus users have to use a facebook account to set up an oculus profile and good is that tick off some people separate profile on facebook. It's not the same as your facebook profile, but it is it is turning some heads. A headlines of this are generally favourable the verge. says. It wasn't the verge gadget. Says you know facebook announces oculus quest to? It's really nice. seen that was was pro positive about it but man ars technica was not i. was like, no, this is bad. Don't get it and a lot of it was based on the fact that you have to have that facebook log. But the review was we do not recommend the two hundred, ninety nine dollars oculus quest to as your next VR system by Sam Makovich. Yeah. One of the things that was called out or a few things that were called out in that article, which really did turn my head a little bit were. Areas that sounds like they may have made technical shortcuts and one of them in particular is a little freaky night is that the hands the controllers rather don't have as many sensors and as many sort of minute points of articulation when using them and the example they used was. Go play beat Saber on innocuous quest one, and then see how you do and then go do it on a two and while not the most scientific test, they could tell a distinct difference in control. They felt like they had a lot less control in the second category. so that kind of stuff bothers me the facebook thing is almost its own topic and can be argued in lots of ways and I think probably should be but am annoyed they're doing it too. But some of these technical limitations or these things that seem like, maybe they're just trying to save money to get that low price point. Those are concerning and I don't see those another reviews yet. So when I'm trying to do now is balanced ours view with others and see if I can find some middle ground or get a better picture the verge hasn't better cheaper VR and gadget says the VR headset to rule them all new oculus quest to is the best way to by far says wired. FDA Developers is just factual. Snapdragon to ninety Hertz refresh rate for dinner ninety, nine dollars. But nobody seems to have that much problem because there are a lot of improvements..

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