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Slowing down and moving over saves lives on Washington state freeways. Bill Schwartz reports. Just over a year ago, 49 year old Joe Masterson lost his life doing an important job on interstate 5 near fife. A suspected drunk driver plowed into a disabled box truck and Joe's tow truck. They fatality crashes and close calls are more frequent. And worse and worse every day as he was worse out there, what driver is not carrying about people working out here. Longtime Clark county two operator Jake beals knows the risks of a dangerous occupation. We work in traffic all day at 70 miles an hour with cars inches from us. The only thing that we have to save our lives out there is that thin three inch white line. Beals tells me he sees all sorts of bad driving behavior. Cell phones are the big thing everybody says, oh, we're on Bluetooth. Well, you're in a conversation, you're not paying attention. It doesn't matter Bluetooth or not. Drugs and alcohol is a big factor. And just selfishness of not moving over on this room to get by for us to have our room to work. While tow truck operators wear bright clothing and their trucks have amber and red lights blinking, the towing and recovery association of Washington, once another safety color. It's been proven that blue light saved lives in Nebraska and New Mexico does it. And they dropped more than half of their fatalities from so drug operators by doing this. The so called blue light Bill has been heard by the Washington legislature's transportation committee, the bill opposed by the state police chiefs and sheriffs association who want blue lights for law enforcement vehicles only. For now, all people working on our state highways urged drivers to slow down 10 mph move over one lane approaching at emergency or work zone. Road workers, please officers, medical fire, anybody on the roads of the light flashing, give us carling. It's the law, not doing so, carries a minimum $500 fine and could end in

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