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He's from Houston. Now. I thought why I thought for a while. I thought for a while that he could go to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because he's been playing in severe heat in Houston. Okay. And and he's been playing in an open stadium. I think probably okay Houston. And so you're not sure not sure. But the team that he plays for in Houston. They know him as a big tough guy that can run around in sweaty and not pass out in a really hot sweaty day. So you're seeing this is essentially a humidity pick by line. No, no, I'm not sending him to Tampa Bay. I almost picked him for number five. Okay. Because of the humidity thing. But instead he's going to number eight the Detroit auto look at him. Now. Look at his picture. Okay. He looks like somebody just hit him in the face with a shovel. Now does he looks like what the surprised look on his face stepped on a rake, boom. The that's way looks in. I would I should know to you hear that the thing you're looking at a photograph, which is a moment in time of one particular multiple of a second. Always look like a surprise look on his face. That's all I got to go. Okay. Okay. So if you want to take away his surprise reaction, then he goes to Tampa. I know. You're cold weather. To detroit. No, no, everyone who lives in Detroit opens their door every day goes what when they realize there in Detroit number eight to Detroit at Oliver. All right argue with that logic. Wow. It is is the train is. Okay. All right, Detroit gets Oliver. Now, we go to the next pick which is not nine as you might expect. But another pick on this one this TJ Hopkinson, you know, who is we do. Yes. Okay. Six five two hundred and forty five pounds. He's going to the Seattle SuperSonics, which is another board. Going to the Seattle SuperSonics. We don't work because it's on a basketball court and also. Anymore there? Now, the Yokohama city thunder run. Yes..

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