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Yes I. Guess It's relative. Yeah. Many moons ago. You said, yes you to experiencing life and playing on the playground and because you have experienced life so much ups downs and in all betweens man. I, there's no better partner than you on my side and there's no better person I want writing my books of thank you David Earl helping me write my book and I know at the end it's just GONNA BE A. It'll give another the ability to step out of their darkness and Cedar Gifts and step into their own. Mike. So thank you. Thank you. Because is if you guys want to have your book written if you guys how. David I know you say this, but you say a better than me there's really three things that if the if someone has these three things and only these three things, you have the ability to. Take their message find tuna, and they can achieve abundance personally professionally and in so many other areas please share with those three things are so I don't steal your thunder. Well, there's a couple of different things that we read and I like coming up with three words. You know I think it's a great way to express yourself like you'll have chiefs three words what would be the three words. So at the previous event, I was talking about connect and collaborate and crates. That's like three words the event, but probably the three words that I use the most is. I turn it into a question. Would you make more money if your more conventional which you make more money had credibility? Would you make more money to got more exposure because that's my ice acronym it's been making people a lot of money in getting them a lottery results and that's what we do. If you answered. Yes to one of those questions than we're really good fit for you because that's what we do. We help you get more influence more credibility in more exposure and when you have influence incredibly exposure, you become somewhat of a celebrity expert, you become the authority in your industry or. The icon in your industry and that's that's important. Nowadays, you know I I could go and try to change the world that probably shouldn't be important but is and I. I can't change the world. You probably can't change the world. So the game we play is influenced credibility exposure and you know we can't afford to be the world's best kept secret and you know you're somebody who business owners you kinda living your life like you're the witness relocation program. You know it's like you're you're high now no, one can find you. So yeah our job.

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