John Morrissey, Chuck Clark, Richard discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


We head back outside John Morrissey watching people sleeping in the driver of the rolls are called self of federal goes off a little bit are we got a crush on cellphone federal that's got the right and left lane blocked you're getting through one center lane it's a rollover of fire truck on scene looks like discretion going to jam your both federal but pretty light traffic battle before so it's not causing huge delays Richard drive looks good you baby sleep in in the pharmacy very light traffic on that I. twenty five drive we'll see the problem through they'll tell your choose seventy drive a road York still looks in pretty good shape westbound I. seventy six coming down three commerce city still flowing pretty nicely so dry seventy drive at two to five in a row or any of the high country this morning haven't heard of any problems up and I could feel that's good there's all your drives forty is in pretty good shape as you make your way up to the airport to both by seventy eight venue Boulevard look good good this morning if you head out toward the airport I haven't heard of anything on the four seventy you see for seventy drug construction doggone sure start up pretty good this morning this report is sponsored by Canada dry ginger ale now prefer better news brought to you by gather to drive traffic to the words of rap again to gather the project drill I bet you did step you're gently floating through the cosmos on the soft comfy recliner next time relax with the real ginger taste of get a drive next update ten minutes on gateway newsradio eight fifty eight ninety four one of them this is an I heart radio station K. away newsradio eight fifty eight ninety four one the voice of Colorado time six oh one April says fun Chuck Clark with you he's in for Marty lans this morning fox thirty one pinpoint whether on a beautiful Friday were thirty one degrees on our way to a high in the mid to upper sixties.

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