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You won't see the esports radio going ahead for having me J. R, um something. I just made observation of yesterday being a Patriots fan watching Tom Brady my whole life growing up. It was just yesterday ended the season. He started the season. The way ended the season last year with the Tennessee Titans. He just doesn't Look The same as he did, and even two years ago on I'm not saying that it's over, because obviously he's one of the greatest competitors ever. But At the end of the day. Somebody. Sometimes things just get old in one of those players that I believe may be just at that time. You know, I love him to death, but You know, it's sometimes it's your time, you know, and maybe on the bucks, he's gonna have a lot of talent to show off with. It's just if this didn't look good, like it didn't. There was nothing that showed me that he was better on the books and he was on the Patriots. It was all the same. It looked just like the Patriots last year just struggled. Throw the ball away. Struggle. Throw the ball in a bad spot struggle. Intentional grounding struggles all over the place for him as a quarterback, and just look at it look really rough yesterday. Sure. No, it It did look rough job, wouldn't you, Kana Peg that granted. They're They're certain facts that we do know. Right now The Buccaneers have more talent. Then Tom Brady has played with in recent years. I would eventually think that talent wins out overall, and that Tom Brady isn't necessarily watched up. And yeah, he didn't have the best year. It seems that for the past several years, Tom Brady is calm is stuck in that. You know, 25 26 touchdown range and, ah, he is what he is at this point in time, but I would think the talent would went out this year now. I mean, maybe the one thing that he has shown is that he needs a strong running game. And if that running game Khun get going, and that's going to give him an advantage with the wide receivers, But overall if they don't get that running game going That's how we won the Super Bowl two years ago. He's not going anywhere. You're not gonna win throwing the ball 40 times of Tom Brady at this point I'm in his career does not happen. Oh, hell, no, not at all. But at the same time. I don't expect every single week. You know. For Leonard for Net, T get five carries only rush for five yards. Maybe he's still getting acclimating to the playbook. And then you still have Ron Jones. He went out there and gave you 66. So I think that the temp of Bay Buccaneers, I think they'll be okay. I believe we just got to give them a little bit of time, Joe, but you as a Patriots fan Look, you've seen the same thing that we've all seen the past several years, and that you know Tom Brady's looked Ah little bit above average. You can't take away his intelligence, but His talent hasn't been there and you know, you see slight physical declines, Joe. Thank you for calling from Colorado. Thank you. You have a great day. No doubt about it. Soldier is calling up from Massachusetts soldier. Do you believe Tom Brady is on the decline? What's going on? Let me break it down and The fears. The first thing I'm gonna say What will what will sword you sword? You? It was. Thank you. I'm good. Can you just answer my question and then tell me, why do you believe Tom Brady's on a decline? I just don't know if we can see it after one game, So no. Okay, there you have it. There's an answer. All right. So if we look at it objectively last year, right? Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers statistics. Are identical. Ah Rogers had two more such down and Brady had four more interceptions, but they both threw for around 4000 Yard yet Somehow and Rogers have this mystical season. M. Brady did it alright, But here's my biggest issue and biggest, we can't have a knee jerk reaction. After all the points you brought up You know, this is a new playbook. I mean, if It doesn't make sense to me that Brady was targeting Scotty Miller of all people with all the weapons he had. You can clearly see that they have not yet builder of the reporter. With all the receivers and that's going to take time. And basically with this offseason that we've had with limited practices, no preseason, it's gonna take time. It's one game. 15 to go. He's not in decline. He's my Chi. It's Tom obeyed. Okay, Well, thank you so much you for col, enough from Massachusetts Appreciate you. Oh, man. If there's anything that Tampa Bay Tom Brady let's Let's not go there. Well, let's let's be real, though. Tom Brady is in decline. Because it's there's two ways that you can go you can get better. You get worse or you can plot so in colleges ride the way Tom Brady is closer to riding the wave and fallen off the board. Then he is to ascending. That's fax. Does that mean he's a bomb? No. Does that mean his brain works any less? No, not at all. But sometimes your brain can't do what your body wants it too. So I think Tom Brady. Yes, he's not the same quarterback. Is he still serviceable? Yes. Still one of the best. Yes, I'd say so because of his brain and his experience. But is he over? No, not at all. When we come back. I got quite a few tweets in about Tom Brady. In your expectations. You can sweep me at J. R sport brief and we come back. We're also going to talk about his replacement. In New England. Cam Newton. He had the opposite. He actually got a W. I'm going to talk about it when we come back. You're listening to the Jr Sport. Brief show here on CBS Sports Radio. It's time for a news flash Here is Mr Bob Huse ler..

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