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And after five years he comes right back into the role of bumbling Clark anything in kind of neat to see like a scene at him like getting dressed again as Clark and just kind of like having to reassess himself as so that character right Jimmy still a couple twitter tape for photographer. Five years later I know right. You'd think he's you'd think he's a A full-fledged used photographic journalists you know and Got You gotTa Love Sam Huntington Great. Oh Yeah I love Sammy I feel like this is really good. They could have done a lot more. I think like I said just kind of if we're going to you know symbolize this New York also. Let's let's evolve character you know. Let's let's give Jimmy more to do and make him more James. You know but it's like we wanted to get right back to where we left off without revealing. He's in some of. Oh my yeah sorry the Sam Huntington some of my favorite movies and TV shows being Human Detroit rock city he got to work with the GM. It's mom he. He got to work again with Brandon. Ralph on a Dylan Dog. That was a cool movie. Yup I have that and of course he's in Fan. Boys is a great movie. I love that movie. It's so funny with any more going on me in. You might have to pull a fan boys to get the Snyder cut. I bet that's just right. Larache into WANNA brothers. Access their digital archives A little different than going to steal a cut of the film. Yeah go go to steal a real. So why the world doesn't need Superman Superman so.

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