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About a woman who is was here this week she's ninety two years old very spry woman she came with her husband she's been married sixty seven years shed a breast cancer it was a metastatic had a pet scan that was positive she was in the shower last month she felt a large mass in the left breast i saw she i learned about it shouldn't have a mammogram and a pet scan a pet scan by the ways in pet pet scanners injection of radioactive sugar scan the whole body seaworthy cancer is cancer usually likes to eat a lot of nutrition and sugar is an easy nutrition some people think of you don't eat sugar the cancer will die well that's not true cancer just eats whatever wants to eat for pet scans sugars and easy thing to put radiation label onto and see where the cancer is and so her pet scan show that the cancer had traveled she's got a mass that's about six centimeters the brass to the mammogram showed that of the pet scan showed it and also the pet scan showed cancer and the armpit and some cancer in the bones and the breast and she wants to have treatment number one because the breast is painful number two it's a big mass number three it's eating through the nipple area so this cancers and stopped on abreast dade can well eat through all the skin and destroy the skin and become infected and bleeding so it's very important to treat the breast cancer and were able to treat it anywhere with a high degree of success she learned about hormonal therapy and chemotherapy and surgery we talked about all the options but she wants to have focused beam radiation to the breast to try to relieve the pain shrink the mass the masses about six seven centimeters that's about three inches in the left breast under the nippo and just above the nipple area they're skin changes called toda orange which is a french term for orange peel so the skins being involved by the cancer and there's about a three centimeter mass in the armpit so for her we've done our work we've advised her we discussed everything and while most of this information was already available to the patient and the husband none of her doctors ever described it and she felt fortunate that we're able to describe it and give her copies of her paperwork so she actually knows now exactly what she has at what needs to be done to get rid of this cancer this cancer suspecting her left breast and armpit and possibly balances well she is more than ninety years old but ninety year old people want to be treated and we shouldn't be prejudiced sean factors even laws against it and the fact she's ninety means it's probably more likely that she's gonna hit a hundred than me so i believe that every patient should be informed of the options and she certainly with that she looks like she's sixty not ninety and she has a good head on her shoulders and will make the right decision for her and we know that's true for every patient we just try to provide the information and the answers and answer all the.

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