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That we are just hours away from seeing played new york democrat chuck schumer did spend an hour and a half with the president at the white house said there were good discussions but there's no deal yet majority leader mitch mcconnell slowed should be a nobrainer and it would be except the democratic leader has convinced his members the filibuster any funding build a dozen include legislation they are demanding for people who came into the united states illegally cbs contributor eto keep says if there is a shutdown thousands of employees that the cdc with me for a while at a time when we're in the midst of a historic fluoutbreak cbs news update i'm dave barrett this is newsradio nine fifty w wjr news time now four thirty two would start to get a little bit more crowded here at cobo center ahead of the charity preview at the north american international auto show some call it an auto show prom were because role word and the taxes and dress don't say i will now it's a running joke the the ballgowns are it's running joke pre20 greg w w j to be reporter jeff gilbert we do see some more people milling about i guess the the thing actually gets underway officially around six o'clock put there is already some people here all dressed up in and ready to help children's charities jeff and more importantly for the automakers get a sneak peak of all these cars and trucks yeah exactly for for people like me who have done the charity preview or rather the press previews in industry previews we've been around for awhile but for a lot of people this is really their first chance to like take a look at these vehicles and even more will get their first chance over this weekend but what's really important to the dealers is selling these vehicles and it was sales slipping a little bit last year that's only going to make things a bit more competitive says charlie chess boro who is a senior analyst at cox automotive china.

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