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Right down to three but on the tv remote now you can hit the home button and you could go watch netflix amazon roku right there from the t you don't need a special box all that stuff's all bilton and i've got my spectrum mixed in with that so i can watch sports or low brow just by going right tripod i bought a big screen on the tripod that just rolls around our yeah see that we're looking at when we're showing you here i have no idea what i'm pointing to there's no even show it but why ta clubs go to take a look at amy amy i love it i gotta tell you seize the deal i think an accident i'd like to see it i love that bless your heart any if any she would be irresistible saying she's she's she she is so smart we should go on a tour of all the shows that are on this network just go to be honest go let's go business of your go ooh y k how would you go about doing that by the way how how would you actually how would we do that if we want to be on the other sculpture those damn things again we could skype the holiday inn would love us in her we've already met so who those two cute girls on a copy with america show we get on that show i would love to throw down with cannabis in the paula deen recipe here come on paula deen your heart and then and then the cooking show and then look at the aussie we have one of those and what's his name from the animal world the author oh he's not australia's jackie and canada barbero how come i'm just telling you reason we're talking about whites here for the low low price of three free joined the whites can watch the count you can watch us every day if you don't if you're if you're not parked on the couch you could actually watch us from your mobile device your your television and home your your computer screen club all the stuff also biz tv clubs remember we're onto television networks on you to america and we're also on tv so biz tv club jared pull that up for us please well i i have had.

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