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Books and still support local bookstores the website looks a lot like Amazon but the difference is where the money goes ten percent of all profits from bookshop that worker pool divided among indie bookstores who often there's also the affiliate program with bookstores outsource their sales to the online retailer and received a direct commission the founder of bookshop is Andy hunter who also co founded the publisher electric literature and website we know it literary hub and had he joins me now Andy welcome to all of it I thank you so much it's great to be here so what were you doing right before you got the idea for bookshop I was sent a bookseller dinner yet and when turns to it as the big bookseller annual kind of trade fair gathering and I was talking to a bunch of booksellers about the need for something that would help them compete on mine and I actually one the bookseller I was sitting next to Christine who owns work bookstores in Brooklyn and New Jersey she asked me to help them out and so I spent about you know six months thinking of an idea and then I spent about a year image thing everybody was a good idea and raising money for it and in July of twenty nineteen we finished raising money and then we built it as fast as we could because we felt that there was a great deal of urgency to support independent bookstores even then because Amazon was growing at such a rapid rate they they've grown from thirty five percent of consumer sales to fifty over fifty percent of consumer sales in just four years so there was a real urgent need to allow independent bookstores to compete with Amazon online effectively and to retain their audience and the customers when the customers are shopping online because a lot of people love their local bookstores but when it's eleven o'clock at night nursing on October on a late night TV so you know they'll just order from Amazon and we want to give them a chance to actually continue to support our local bookstores twenty four seven any place any time and so that's why we set up bookshop so why why hadn't something like bookshop emerged earlier well there it it's it's a complicated process and I think that most stores are sort of on their own they were trying to build their own websites and it's expensive to build a website and it's expensive to maintain that and it's a lot of work to fulfill online orders you need to have staff units of inventory and no individual books first infantry can compete with Amazon's either so there's a lot of disadvantages and and it was tough for bookstores to compete there were some stores have great online presence of the great online shopping like Powell's in Portland is a great example but the majority bookstores were left behind because they just didn't have the resources to do it my idea the idea behind bookshop is to go directly to the wholesaler Ingram is the usual sailor the biggest on the U. S. they've got warehouses all over the country and they do consumer direct also meant so duty of the books of model is that the stores don't actually have to touch the books the the orders go from bookshop Ingram Ingram ships the books of.

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