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Clyde machine you might let them before in the midst of your life to find them and hill so their plays she your order though village weans issue that want way for you to see mouths and put boost of from you let your is extremely in and you're on these look white if you honda of your feet hello you we'd be stivers do not turn to the right to the you mean you'll feed from any real whereas my when my was looking at so the words of wisdom that shama had written tablets the small cord it's still out and that's mall cord she had rigged i'm more capable you two what you see she scripture oh and she said i would not let the word of god important from the field my hinds but as life to me i have founded and is help in healing to mark let's that'd be good about this this child is an index card along with other index cards begin to go out and i began to read the words that she had written words and she has spoken as part on this program on home she has warm you know she's noise as she had a child and that was to has that was region to the job and it's it god and made me and she wrote i am completing him was real do you read but wall was the head of all the power problem i am his workmanship created in christ jesus.

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