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What did you make of all this? I appreciate the league or react, this swiftly would've fine. I think that number is just I just felt like each teens fine money went to the local community. And at the end of the year. You see the video of yourself acting out it make the player look at it different intimate the community look at it different present a big shake and give it back to the Philadelphia community where this act took place. Maybe we'll work on that. After the season. In the meantime, to college basketball is we get up and go John Calipari says his guests is PJ Washington will not play Saturday for Kentucky against Wofford J will how big a loss of eight. That's a major loss. He is their best player. He's been a guy that's really grown into being. The signature player for them low. Now, the crazy thing is that they took him out of a walking boot any put him in a real cast. You put somebody in real cast that gives me the interpretation that there's a little bit more there than what you're alluding to. I'm a little bit concerned he tried to downplay the significant of the cast Calipari did, but I agree with you. Every teams Kentucky to win the whole thing. So that's why he's really congested. Nervous and into the other Phillies team. And that's Bryce Harper. They get to home runs in a spring training game on Thursday Rutledge. What does he look like in the middle of that Phillies lineup? So he looks great. And obviously it's good to see him get the power going. But the one thing that I liked a lot is the fact that there was a foul ball that he hit before the second home run. That thing was a rocket shot in the exit velocity on these home runs. Makes you feel really good about where Bryce Harper is at this point. He is going to be dominated billion billion half a billion. Out of the ballpark on getting up and going he'll get to some football with you as well. Because Levy on bell. We all know signed that huge free agent deal with the jets last week after not playing at all in twenty eighteen with the Steelers, and then he did this interview with Sports Illustrated, and he opened up about his former quarterback Ben Rothlisberger. There's been so much conversation about whether or not rothlisburger with part of the problem with AB and how about with Levy on. Here's what Levey unsaid quarterbacks are leaders. It is what it is still a teammate at the end of the day. You're not Kevin Colbert, you're not art Rooney ban wants to win, but Ben wants to win his way, and that's tough to play with Ben won a Super Bowl. But he won when he was younger. Now, he's at the stage retry is to control everything and the team let him get there. So there are more critical words from a former Steeler now occurrence dealer marquees pouncey wants to Instagram to defend Ben Rothlisberger said I bet with Ben going on ten years. I swear my kids. He is a true leader sucks to see players who are leaving are mad at the organization now, try and point fingers. Like they are perfect. But this is the world we live in. Now, I have been waiting for someone to stand up for Ben in Pittsburgh. It has finally happened. Let me bring d would into the conversation. The one the only Damien Woody. What are your thoughts on all of this with levian gone and taking shots AB gone and taken shots? Patsy. Defending Ben Rothlisberger. What's your take? Do. You would. Well, I just feel like it's all miss. Why are we still have these type of conversations, you know, you've talked about in Tonio Brennan Levy on Bill. Listen, fellas you with.

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