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Did you know that studies have shown that almost two and a half million truck drivers in the U. S. have one or more serious health problems such as obesity diabetes heart disease even sleep disorders and our truck drivers lack the same access to health that other Americans enjoy the unfortunate result of these circumstances is that drivers are often unable to get treatment in the early stages of disease minor illnesses become severe leading to hospitalization and disability the driver then may lose their CDL and become unable to work this creates a downward spiral that leads to extreme financial hardship and possible unemployment go to truckers one dot org today and learn more about how you can contribute if you or someone inside the trucking industry may be in need learn how SCF can help we encourage you to educate yourself and peers on the Saint Christopher's truckers fun today donate if you can you never know when you may need some help too that's truckers one dot org let's band together for a better tomorrow. hi I'm Dave Compton for over thirty years you've known the truckers America's most read tracking is made now every week watch me and my co host Jessica rose as we bring you the only weekly news show created just for the record. join us for all the breaking news affecting the trucking industry along with our awesome regularly. trucker dot com is the one truck stop you're not gonna want to pass up busy travel down the highway so tune in every week watch the trucker news channel by going to the tracker dot com. Hey tankers fans looking for somewhere to enjoy this weekend's game against the cowboys our WGN Jay street team along with Miller lite will be at buckets and receive Sunday starting at three o'clock in join three twenty five Miller lite sixteen ounce care for five for fifteen dollars loss will be giving away a Josh Jackson signed helmet at halftime Miller like Jack passes for the October fourteenth game against the Detroit Lions official contest rules visit W. G. M. J. dot com come by and see us and please drink responsibly. pain is complex and frequently does not respond to conventional treatments you've heard about alternative treatments such as stem cells but I'm here to assure you that in most cases there is no need to get stem cells.

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