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They went to the super bowl in jacksonville i believe that's when i asked the question to fred acts member when i had freddie moore show on and he got upset because i said you know he kept saying numbers the patriots secondary and at the time i think you had rodney harrison and may be tie long lawyer malloy maybe and he didn't know their names and i said i was doing a live interview with him and i said late do know this the names of the secondary and he didn't know that and then all of a sudden that big came a big deal for super bowl week that freddie mitchell who had that big catching the nfc title game was at fourth and 26 and he had to be cash but he did no i don't even know if he had a catch in the super bowl the apple do you remember that decks meal super bowl that the eagle's fans were down there around your sports centerset and they were intense and an angry down there in the super bowl that's most intense fan base pro wise have ever seen their the point where i think it was merrill hodge said something negative about the eagles defense whatever may be it was just an analysis yeah and he had to be escorted off the sat and they need a security because eagles fans wanted a piece amirul hajj and it wasn't joking it was not like no they wanted to go up and get meryl's facey said their defense into line didn't get off in time or something and it it was blow scary they were upset because they thought that i had created this controversy with fred mitchell with the patriot secondary and the patriots secondary ate it up like they loved it that that nobody knew who they were even though you had one of the best secondary's in football but fred mitchell was in and look fred was a nice guy and.

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