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Talk to Daniel Jeremiah NFL network analyst. He's a former NFL scout. He had a great tweet yesterday. Just to give you an idea of how much information misinformation is out there. He said over the last twenty four hours he had heard the following Redskins. Moving up for Wayne Haskins Redskins moving up for Daniel. Jones. Giants moving up for drew lock giants. Take Jones at seventeen titans. Take lock Bengals take Haskins Bengals not taking a quarterback lions trade back and take a quarterback. That's what you're trying to decipher because you hear so much information misinformation. And you're not quite sure when you try to sort it out here. But today you'll start to hear some things a little bit later on this morning. I've got some Intel from an NFL scout on what he thinks. The giants are going to do he still thinks that Kyla Moore? He goes number one overall, that's the general consensus right now at nine zero one eastern time the Cuyler Murray goes number one, that's the scouts who were saying this. They. Kayla. Marie still goes number one. You start to talk about what is need. What is important when you take a quarterback? Do you trade up? Do you trade down? When can you get the quarterback you want my philosophy with a quarterback is the following? If you love him at seventeen and you have an opportunity to take him at six take him at six if he's that good taking when you can. Because if you're gonna wait if you're the giants, and you go well, we need a quarterback. But we don't need a quarterback that bad that we're going to take him at six we're going to wait and see if he's there at seventeen take him at six eight seven.

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