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I don't wanna see that that's very true that's very true i mean just make your own decisions scorsese said the horrible idea they reinforces that every picture every image is there to be instantly judged and dismissed without giving the audience this time to see it that now what you said your rate will no longer be able to join james taylor and his all star band due to an unexpected medical situation that requires immediate attention following her annual physical it was determined that she needs to schedule some surgery soon the prognosis is good and a full recovery is expected great took to her face but to share a message with fans and says i'm deeply sorry to disappoint my fans james and colleagues with these cancellations i was so looking forward to our tour but i am grateful that the doctors feel this can be taken care of with surgery she joined back up with a tour starting in saint paul minnesota at the center that's awesome the surgery part but the fact that it's a good prognosis so and on tv tonight we have the voice it's elimination night that'll be an nbc the first season finale of la debates on fox and the stand ups bash special john mullany kid gorgeous at radio city that just premiered on netflix that is the latest dirt here from my talk for more stories like these and everything entertainment head on over to my talk one one dot com dirt alert updates at the top of every hour plus get extended dirt alerts at eight twenty twelve twenty and five twenty hour and.

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