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There are four things in the world that deserve no mercy. Hypocrisy. Fraud. Tyranny. And cowardice. These were the words of Frederick Williams, although I added on the cowardice By now, it is abundantly clear to any American paying attention that the biting campaign Democrat machine set out to guarantee that President Trump would not could not win the 2020 election. They cheated. Cheated seven ways to Sunday. They committed epic fraud. As a matter of fact, this wasn't an election. This was an attempted coup. I'm going to say attempted coup because it hasn't been completed yet. But we've got fake ballots dead people voting, thousands of them. Hundreds of thousands of absentee and mail in ballots were counted in the names of people who did not request them or submit them. Hundreds of thousands of magically appearing fake ballots were counted in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, perhaps even Georgia in Nevada. Perhaps even Arizona. And we have people who are working hard to reveal the truth. Will it matter? I don't know. But what is so shockingly Revealing and infuriating. Millions of people. Millions of people voted for President Trump is the abject coward nous of most Republicans in Congress and in statehouses, a legislatures around the country. Yes, it's as if they've all been neutered. Now we trump supporters were paying attention. And there I say we're keeping score. Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Ron Johnson, Matt Gates, Ted Cruz. Davis said enough for the president. Ghosts are Biggs. We're talking about the Freedom Caucus. Not all the members, but some of the members of the Freedom Caucus. We're paying attention. The rest of the people. The people who are telling President Trump to concede the people who are going on national TV talking about President Elect Biden, they're cowards. Afraid to ruffle the feathers of their fellow swamp dwellers. How many have betrayed us. Oh, so many Every single one of them. We're going to remember this. They all know damn well that the election was fraudulent and They want us to overlook the fact. For unity. No. Can't do it. Right here in Arizona few days after the election. Our own attorney general Mark Byrne, a bitch ran off to the Neil Caboodle showed us say this. Whatever you know anomalies happened in Arizona off. They're not going to be enough to change. The outcome, the relatively close outcome but a Biden win in the state of Arizona. Yes, based on that lawsuit, and then the balanced are being contested and based on what we know happened in the past. There is no evidence there are no fax that would lead anyone to believe that the election results will change and you'll just be very clear. It is mathematically possible that the president could win 65% of the votes the S so he could. But I'm just saying that if you talk to political people, pollsters, mathematician statisticians. They'll say that based on No, the trend line. You know that that's not likely to happen. Very, very highly unlikely to happen. That is Mark Byrne of it. She spent some time in the center ring of the conservative circus. Exposed. They weren't even done counting votes in Arizona, yet he runs over to the to the never. Trumper Neil Caboodle showed it throw the president under the bus. What a joke. What a turncoat. Yeah. Yeah, especially when we look at the Republicans in Arizona. They establishment Republicans. They've never been supportive of the president. And now it's on full display. Give you Governor Doug Ducey. You know when we're going through these covert press conferences a few months ago. Governor Doug Ducey said something very, very interesting. He was talking about his great relationship, the relationship that he has with the president and with the vice president with Trump 20 21st. I want to say that I've I've got a relationship with the president. And when there's a need in Arizona, I Talk to him directly. I actually my senior staff knows this. We've had so much outreach personally from both the president and the vice president that I had to change the ring tone on my phone. And it rings hail to the chief because I didn't want to miss another phone call directly from the White House to help the state of Arizona. Well, yes. He had he had the help to the chief on his ring tone. Here's was crazy. Yesterday. As governor, do see Sat down. He was next to Katie Hobbs, secretary of state and then on his left was was Attorney general Mark Burnett. Bitch. He's paid into the document looking for the patient sign. And something quite spectacular happened..

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