Orioles, Mets, Phillies discussed on The Brad Davis Show


Keys beat the raise seventytwo boy i'll tell you this john carlos stanton and aaron judge and gary sanchez all hit home runs last night the yanks host the orioles tonight at six thirty the mets beat the phillies four to the mets play the nationals at one pm the red sox host the raise in their home opener at fenway at two o'clock this afternoon nba the celtics lost to the raptors ninety six to seventy eight in golf yes it all starts the masters gets going today the first group tees off ted potter junior austin cook and wesley brian mateer off at eight thirty this morning and tiger woods who everybody's saying has vastly improved his game he will tee off at ten forty this morning on this date in nineteen ninety three to 'em lb teams made their debuts you know who they were the florida marlins and they would be the dodgers six to three and the colorado rockies they would lose to the mets by a score of three to nothing so there you have it there you have the the sports this morning at five forty.

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