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Of the laststanding cultural icons who who meant who meant a fan i remember when i was on the show for the first time i had never been on a tv show like most people and i remember like at the thing that surprised me the most is how close you're sitting to that you're sitting editor at a every like you're really costume and hooker ahead of leans to you like in a he got you're in the chair and he said the desk any liens to you and and he looks just like david lehrman i remember thinking like i could touch 'em should i touch him of it as a nono everything in our but david government tells you like don't touch david yatom at like an i really just felt like oh i could just reach across with my finger an touches face as he bright they'd like i've seen on tv and like look these right here i could just touch him and his face as other like makeup on it like so it looks like you know like a a person would make up at nine hirszon whose real i don't know we you know that i was on the show like five times over the years and i never met him i mean that's that's how strange that experiences q majan going on someone's show five times you don't even meet the person you mean like baggio asian air comes yeah yeah never comes back says hi i do stand up on the show he shakes my hand he's gone i'm gone let's like i am escorted this where he a secret way and it's your idle it's used person you look up to so last year i did a u s so i think it was fiftieth anniversary the uso and it was it was me in jet after tower and john mullane in khorasan schol and his entourage and jon stewart and david letterman and those of people while and there's no and in no bomb putting president pucallpa and joe biden in their wives what the first lady that was this show that you were an yes correct are they going to be coming on the podcast tour.

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