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It but they make it almost impossible sometimes if if you've had any other treatment they don't want you because it might be that treatment that is credited instead of theirs if you have certain other factors they don't want you i mean it's really frustrated i've been there myself really really frustrating with a family member yeah and so make it available to people who need it i mean it just makes sense triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three also we were talking earlier about the passion of the christ and jim caviezel who is on with glenn yesterday actually i was on with him for a few minutes and he was not the first choice by mel gibson to play jesus in that movie fascinating it was actually macaulay culkin collar pointed that out to us and it turns out to be true mel gibson's first choice mcq was macaulay culkin he would have been jesus if he hadn't seen too young to test audiences kid it's almost seem sacrilegious macaulay culkin would have played jesus did there it's like the no the the country will be destroyed if you allow that to happen so please don't do that and they didn't simpler time fifteen years ago was may have been able to weather that anyway passionate of the christ is still the top rated r rated movie of all time six hundred eleven million is what it made at the box office six hundred eleven million and they're doing the sequel which jim caviezel is also in but jim caviezel as it another face bait faithbased movie this weekend that they think is going to do really well it's called paul the apostle of christ and he plays paul in this but at the same time as that's being released and they think that's gonna do really well i can only imagine the story about the lead singer of mercy me made seventeen million at the box office last weekend.

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