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It's quite a story started we've been checks uh speculating who go play michelle the guy i i request to selena gomez nobody seems to israel you requested lord' sir leon only because of the obvious realistically you brought up harris jackson i don't know she can act with she with this bleached hair she played very good values on playing with me going to new york and you didn't talk to her home ugh kilotonnes took think i hike lisa koutros tuesday's behind me and i i say hi to her because um because and you'll ever our her yeah you have a report yeah and then on you know who is in line with me was um julianne nicholson who i've known for years from uh uh uh law and order criminal intent unit she's in the movie um get blog his off august usage and at all since august august essay county thank great movie great plains she plays the other sister with short boy haircut scott freckles um she plays the sister whose hooking up with is a dumb who's the englishman the everybody loves a hick one hina doctor strange allowed on monday yet battle in the movie is he in that movie way and give media's he is he is i look like wicket pay lady you'll see free anyway sh we rely she said you know what i knew you from twenty some years ago as his house she says i was your waitress at um sugary members agreed michelle own leg not are you kidding me up and i'm like oh my goodness.

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