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Year and I'm a senior manager with my company and my wife and my wife has a half million dollars in a four oh one K. that doesn't help the negotiating noche negotiation process that X. rays the expectations of the kidnappers so we typically recommend is is you don't have financial conversations at all with that with your your captors that's how you daily says your instincts that you want to trade away everything just to get your life back you'll do anything you have to understand if it's a kidnapping for ransom my son and I was still alive it's a business deal and they need you alive to make their money and usually dances you're gonna get out just a matter of coming to a price after member that you have to remember that your role in that business deal is to beat the hostage to do what you need to to survive to avoid panic what WBEZ Chicago it's this American life I'm IRA glass today on a radio show held hostage we have three stories for you of people who are forced by circumstance to be the hostage and how they cope with what that means we're gonna begin with people held in the traditional way nav the ticket to the jungle but we also have people in our show who are taken hostage in much less literal ways one man can't get out from under the thumb of one of his neighbors the man held hostage by love and I know it sounds really corny but believe me it is not what you think stay with us headline captive audience so it is it is it is a re run.

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