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Some really critical thinking around online bullying is another thing and If you get any applications for something Cope Balk maybe just Iraq in sorry. I'm trying to lie. I reckon some some clever gays out. They need to ride the music I recognize. There's a few queens. I know that's already working on this and And if there's something gay people not make something beautiful weather anything. The Melbourne Queer Film Festival is the oldest largest and most successful film festival in the Southern Hemisphere. Not that I know what a hemisphere is. And today we're joined by Spirit Economopoulos. The festival was program director. So thank you so much for coming into a little ipod now. The festival opened on Thursday and over one hundred sessions of Queer films over twelve days. Can you talk through a little? Bit of the process of what curated film festival is like. Well look it's a bit of a lengthy process. It kinda goes throughout the year. Sort of jobs. Just sorta starts looking at other fistfuls around the world and what you know. Bequeathed films a kind of coming out and being talked about load of film. Festivals internationally have bequeathed prizes. Yeah between like bill in Film Festival has the Teddy and con as the Queer Palm. You're kind of looking at those kind of fizzles to say what sort of coming out. And you know. I think one pot I love about the festival is just sort of those surprise films once. Come out of nowhere and you like. Oh wow you getting a lotta submission so at the from we get. Yeah people approach you as well and kind of you know ask you to take a look at their film which is always really exciting Mainly with shorts but some features as well so like for me I think the big discoveries are the ones that you know. I haven't heard over and it's like on school so job throughout the year is literally just watching. Queer films literally. Yes that's got to go to festivals while I watch. Oh that must be hot as well about maybe onto another job. What other Queer Film Festivals are? They're all this so many that it's incredible the seventy one of the biggest ones that I go to quite a bit. His frame line which is in San Francisco is one of the film festivals in the world is that in the northern hemisphere hemispheres. Now and you know there's a great one out fast in New York as well as low as five flare is just about to start a couple of weeks in London which is really exciting. Billing obviously has one this hates and is there a Lotta yachts festivals? Some of them are really good at sharing information. Some of them are not so good at sharing stuff is sort of a network like do you help each other out and make suggestions on well side. One of the other festivals. Hey you guys should get this on because we had a really good run with it absolutely. I think that's what I really love about going to the festival's overseas you. Kinda foam is really great. Communities we're all in this together bicycling and I think it's really nice to be able to sort of be collaborative in that way we're actual support of this organization called the Asia Pacific Queer Film Festival Alliance and Which is an awesome thing to be part of? Because we're now you know it gives us the ability to kind of reach out to other equipment festivals that you know essentially probably on on a lot of people's right is and we get to share our films show us their films and it's really nice to make the first of all be more kind of international as well and wanted shine as it so you are. This is quite packs. What are some of your personal highlights? I mean it's always hot. Picking a favorite child's but I will look over films exactly exactly but You know this is a few personal favorites. Made that resonate for one reason. Another lockout Santa Pace Film and then we danced which is absolutely wonderful Georgia movie which has some of the best natal drops of scene in a movie for a while like Robin and Abba which amazing Yeah Really Cool. Little moments a really great film cold. I Miss You Bolivia in film which I thought was absolutely wonderful. Rotate Jerker as well and I think it's really interesting. Film that actually in its time country caused you know rule kind of dialogue and conversation which I thought was really interesting as well and I really liked that film. Lots of it to that sort of jumped to mind. Alto British movie which I thought was really excellent. Any hidden gems that people. Are you know what there's a movie called makeup which I really liked? It's a British films first time filmmaker Claire Quickly That was really great. And it's it's really interesting film the Con of the Tarn of it. It's sort of science offer. You think this is going to be this kind of I don't know tense sort of thriller but actual fact assist kind of really empowering kind of coming out film. I really liked the way. She's approached the story and it's a really interesting film. That kind of really keeps you guessing right until the end. Let's say one thing that I always find with films is. We are very good at putting a spin on things and maybe because of how we live our lives and that sort of thing make you sort of expected. It's one thing and then really slow around the face with a bit of a surprise. That's where film is Gripe because you can kinda mix genres yes film because you know I say coming out stories. Obviously that was one movie where I just sort of. Didn't know where it was going and it was like this is exciting. I think one of my one of my favorite things about the Mobile Queer Film Festival Is People. Go into things every night and you sort of a like okay. I'll just go to this. Go to that. Because there's a vibe to it and so you do see a lot of these sort of stranger underground films that you wouldn't normally say and some of them just like incredible. So isn't when you're flipping through the the festival guide. You know they were others. Centerpiece films that that that are incredible but also giving time to some of the small independent films Comedy Festival. I think where I often just go. And sometimes yeah. I want to this specific things that I know I need to go and say yeah but then there's other stuff in there where you're like. Oh I've never heard of this nothing about it and you go and see it and because of the wonderful key writing that you do You know that your whether it's something that's in your personal tyson or you know it's going to be a really good surprising sort of entertainment and I'm always kind of amazed by. I mean every year after the festival wraps I kind of think you know where. Where do these films end up really? I mean I know that cuisine writer respect is become a little bit more mainstream streaming service but a lot of these films disappear and you'd literally one get a chance to see them anywhere. And I think I think that's kind of where festivals locales or real sort of. You know really important. Kind of kind of cultural compensation is spur. Some really turn up on like gay torrent sites are one of my exes is an actor. He's looking for pornography. Came up his short film and I was like. Oh my God. But it's really lovely filming. Hopefully someone downloads a sink in there. Some dog in in this well speaking of online gay men love a bit of Netflix. And chill kind of thing and that's really become a cultural shift in our people. Sit at home now and they do that. Sort of content exploration from the couch. Yeah Have you found that? That's putting a bit of a shift like making a change in how you cure writing. The festival has a festival have to change or adapt to the fact that people were used to having content chopped up them. I'm love is blind. That should stupid. I don't even WanNa Watch. I think when I first started the job. I was really worried about it as like Disarma- Gaudy and everything's on Netflix. Been actual fact. I think what's happened with places like Netflix. And other streaming services is that the demand for the content is actually created more content and just on the streaming services. It's kind of you know it's just kind of roll on effect or actual fact. It's a good thing it's like a gateway drug. It's a gateway drug. Suddenly you want all the gay films. Netflix is not gonNa be enough so actually think. It's really good and I. Actually I think Netflix Tucson personally has been great and how it supported film. Some filmmakers yet. It's created a bit of a knock on effect and also at the same time. I think it's really interesting in maybe unique about a festival as well as that. It's a real community experience. I think people just there is something quite beautiful about in the room with people especially other quiz and I think it's interesting when you might say something that we would also screen and it's completely different energy in the room saying that with a queer audience and I think that is the thing that Nicholas's never gonna be able to do sorry Netflix. This year of two thousand twenty. It is your thirtieth anniversary. Which congratulations by the way? Nobody's look fantastic. You can say so. He started with three. How the festival begin like well. The festivals history was interesting in kind of came out of mid some kind of side program or we films as some people put on. Kinda was born out of the you know. The back rooms of has an hyenas which is a bookshop in Melbourne. And I think what's really interesting about the festivals histories? Well where it started from was actually thirty years ago. Quiz cinema was actually going to incredible emergence. Like that was when the Queen was happening. We had filmmakers is like Gus Van Sant and Taught Hanes and Rose Trophy and all these Pedro Moldova. And all these filmmakers so this is where the festival was born adult all this really exciting vibrant saints. I guess there was this sort of NATO create something that was gonna be showcasing these films and I think always think that was kind of you know resting on the shoulders of these really wonderful filmmakers. Because he couldn't tarrant know exactly. You really couldn't people now even tried but we can't vouch for that on a on a NI- pod show. Can we know? Let's let's not as great filmmaking. I feel like the stories that are getting told incident but also in in feeder and and and books and lots of stuff has sort of really evolved. How do you feel? It's changed over the cities since the fiscal started yet. Look I think the stories have I guess being more responsive to what's going on in the world today actually also think that You know because you know Quia I guess visibility increased stories have become more mainstream and you can see them on TV. And I think what it's meant. Is that filmmakers looking for new stories to tell Through Cui Lin so I think we're saying rule diversity I suppose in the storytelling. I think it's interesting to see. For example that there's at least three or fulfillment out program that are about Queer Som- seekers you know. This is one of you know. Look incredible urgent kind of story about time and I think we cinema is reflecting that and so rather maybe looking inwards so much. It's kind of looking outwards as well. Yes Oh yeah what do you? What do you think about the theory? That queer cinema is not necessarily about the sexuality of it's more of an ethos you know we had a director on our show six months ago. Thomas some why we got into talk about how Chris Cinema is bone out of the John Waters and Todd Haynes not all of their stories when necessarily about Queer people out the wild you know it was more of a stylistic or a an attitude absolute filmmaking Jan..

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