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The cables had to be just like, piled up down here getting in the way of all this airflow and like collecting dust. It was just, oh man, so bad. And was this the one that had that stupid two and a half inch doc in the top of it. And remember, this is horrible this at a time when an SSD is like worth. It's waiting goal, right? There's like six, seven years ago can't into the top. So you just didn't? Yeah, you're just gonna and it was supposed to be like a gaming case. Let's take it to a land party. You can put your SSD in the top for your land party. And I'm like, are you nuts? People take locking cases to land parties so that they don't get their graphics card ripped out. They're going to put their SSD right on the top and a convenient little dock. McCann just rip it right out. Are you kidding me and who had an SSD for anything other than their OS? Why would you want that? In a conveniently removable dog, it'd be. Kind of an actually pretty cool series of videos. Yeah, sure. Retro rants I'm calm. I'm calm. I'm relaxed right now. Sam, chill. You'd have to be not come though. Flight. My apple watch is like breeze. Is it giving you health notice now it it started taking dictation. Oh, apple. Watch my apple watch. Why was it? Why was it? I don't know what isn't even doing. I love how useless my watches right now. The apple watch is is really interesting. So it still doesn't have an always on display, which is ridiculous. When you get a notification, if you close it, it doesn't show notifications that you got in your like history wheel. They're just not there. So that's really smart. And so because we did that video earlier this week where we intentionally put one of my calendars, am I? It's like actually useless because it's just completely full of this man. From Justin three regret all life decisions. Channel Superfund meeting higher. Nikki BAC drop expensive stuff, reopened, lioness's sex that got truncated survive the earth. Twenty six events got for tomorrow. Phone call with Linus from one week in the past fire at Colton fire Colton, both fire him and fire. Adam got another fire Colton by apples for tomorrow, drop something test, fire alarm as loud as possible. Burnt all, Linus to sandals. Thanks night blood. So under and just probably de-link that again, people, I probably what I won't. People are probably wondering why I'm wearing an apple watch while I'm working on my pixel XL very, I mean, it's not doing anything anyway. To tell the time. So twitch chat loves the retro rants. So he went by the way that they do that YouTube jet does as well. You know what? They probably also loved speaking.

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