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Not great but good with Chris Jones, Frank Clark up front. They sign Melvin Ingram, those two linebackers could run and hit. If that defense continues to improve Rex, they'll be hard to be offensively this was probably their best day and look to me like the Raiders last stand was on Thanksgiving when they wound up beating Dallas. And with everything they dealt with, it could be over for the Raiders this year. Yeah, you know, it's interesting because when they came back, everybody's talking about, you know, and the GM Mike mayock went all in on the special team coach being always the best leader. He's the best guy. So he doubled down on he goes, I put all his chips in on the table here. And I'm like, this is the bottom of the roster guy. Most special team coaches, that's what they deal with. The bottom of the roster. So to me, I was interesting. How's he going to handle the top end guys? How's he going to handle Derek Carr? And what we've seen right now, they came out of the gate. They won their first two under that, you know, I can't even say his name. You can do it better than me with the guy the interim head coach, but they stink ever since that time. They look like they're terrible. And they have way too many players on their team to play this poorly. So I think you're right. I don't see this team going anywhere. And they're going to be making wholesale changes in my opinion in the off season. I totally I see it exactly the same way Rex. Hey, who's the biggest threat to the Patriots? Because right now, the Patriots are the number one seat. Do you think it's Kansas City Mike? Well, I think it really just depends. The X Factor to be Rex is the health of Derek Henry because if Derek Henry comes back, it's probably Tennessee for me. You know, they lost Caleb Farley, their first round pick a corner, but they're playing better on defense and Ryan Tannehill, so I'm a big fan of and outside of Baltimore, you can make an argument like losing AJ Brown losing Julio Jones losing Derrick Henry. This has been a team at their first round pick. This has been a team that's been devastated by injuries, but they have to be a little bit of an underrated superstar in Jeffrey Simmons, a defensive tackle. And if their Henry's healthy wrecks, I think Tennessee could be to anybody in one game. Yeah, and here's the scary thing. He'll be fresh. He will play for half the season. So, like, that is a scary in its own right. You're going to get a fresh Derrick Henry come playoff time. If that happens, I don't disagree with you. Because the Tennessee Titans were the number one team in the AFC in my opinion. They had beat everybody. They beat the bills. They beat the chiefs. They beat the Patriots. They need everybody. And all of a sudden now, Henry goes out, well, I thought that nobody was more important to their football team than Derek Henry. And it kind of improved that way. Because Ryan Tannehill's play hasn't been as effective, obviously, because the play action's not anywhere close to being as effective as it was. And then you're right. They lose AJ Brown, Julio Jones. We expected him to miss a bunch of time. He's finally coming back. We'll see..

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