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I'm sure that the United States will give us the refugee camps which when the threat of mass of caravans ceases well we cancel stand watermelon and also it will move the economy because to build a refugee camp requires a lot of workers a lot of providers. There's a lot of food trucks while so that Guatemalan lawmaker likes the deal because he sees refugee camps as being good for the economy and we'll bring in food trucks right and I'd like to know that he's not the only lawmaker who mentioned the possibility of refugee camps to me several did and the idea is that migrants wouldn't arrived to Guatemala and then be released where they would then pursue their asylum claim they would arrive to Guatemala be apprehended and put into refugee camps. I guess one way to view this plan. Is that the U._S.. CanNot handle all the asylum seekers and wants to slow things down another view is that the U._S. is outsourcing. It's migrant detention centers to another country which view would most Guatemalan say is more more accurate. The deal in Guatemala is deeply unpopular at the same time. There's a recognition that it was made with a gun to the head so to speak president trump threatened damaging tariffs on and Guatemalan products and perhaps most importantly he threatened attacks remittances sent by Guatemalans and the U._S. back home in those remittances. They count for roughly ten percent of Guatemala's G._D._p.. Over over the weekend hundreds of protesters gathered before the Presidential Palace in Guatemala City in many were holding signs at said Essentially Morales handed over the sovereignty of our country to the U._S. reporter Emily Green in Mexico City. Thanks very very much for your time. Emily thank you something happened this past weekend that broke the record books of the Tour de France Egon Bernal became the youngest cyclist youngest in one hundred ten years anyway to win the world's most prestigious cycling race the twenty two year old is from Columbia. That's also unprecedented and as I South American to win ever as you can imagine all of Columbia not to mention a lot of Latin America is celebrating reporter. Beto Argus is based in Los Angeles but just happens to A. B. in Columbia at the moment where he's attending forty seventh annual international music and arts festival in Boyaca Hey Beto Hey Marco great to be with you. You know this is a very important moment especially for Columbia right now because this is not just just about the sport this is about a Colombian who gets to the very top of the world and you know I'm from Mexico but who cares I'm a Latin American and all that in America is celebrating this amazing win by this young cyclists would just blew people away. So what have you been able to learn about this twenty two year old egg Bernal. You know he's from a small town. He's from a town about two hours away from Bogota capital. He's this kind of amazing young kid there. Is this incredible cultural cycling. That's been taken over the country for the last decade so this is something that people already expected to happen. It was a matter of when just happened to be yesterday so right so there's this culture of cycling in Columbia. Is there also something about the terrain of Columbia that kind of just breeds strong cyclists. I actually drove around yesterday. In small towns in fact we ran into a couple of cyclist who were behind them. There was a van of course because they want to be protected because traffic is crazy. They drive in these very small to lane roads and also by the way this is also very high so the altitude is very important to is cycling the new soccer for some Colombians. This is the second wants to borden sported Columbia and Columbia. It has been pretty well in soccer recently but nothing like as big as this you know they've never been able to win the World Cup. This is the World Cup of cycling. They couldn't come at a better time. Marco in fact there's Asanga Carlos vs wrote last year and he's he's one of the big rockstars superstars Columbia and it's a song the peso march to the new generation of cyclists. I'll say.

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