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We're watching the Buffalo game yesterday and there was a blindside Josh shot on Russell Wilson was a good hit didn't get called and you know, Russ got up from it back in the day. That's a stretch of game a quarterback, probably not getting up from that. Because no one you're going to hit him. You're going to drive through him. And then they're gonna plan all your body weight with the crown of your helmet on its chin, because that's how you play the game and it was within the rules right, So the game has changed, and it's opened the door for those guys. But there's There's still a lot of AA lot of opportunities for them for them to go out there and get her a great answer. No collared answer. Good seven. You're right, man. I watched these games, not him and Just tell my kids I'm like I lived an entire life where that was not roughing the passer. Oh, there was one last night on breeze was just a standard hit was on Brady is just a standard hit The brain with the hand came down across the face. Well, that's Aaron Rodgers, Arizona game back in the day in the NFC championship game. Do you remember that where it was a brush of the face mask and and not called. I swear to God, you guys going to get a kick out of this story? I played with the degree Richard that who finishes Ah, 40 Niner. Yeah, yeah. And the Colonel was a beast. He would mean He was nasty, like all I mean, some of the things he used to say to the referee's on the sidelines. You guys, I'll tell you one time when we were first attacked. You won't believe what you believe. Yes, on. So we're playing the New York Giants. I think it was a Monday night game and he can't stand Phil Simms that, um, had some battles, you know, Feel like kill Bill back in the day wanted to fight everybody. Anyone in one of those quarterbacks like ready to go. He really thought he had a shot. He thought he has He beaten, which really had a shot, even build a big man. Six more big on DA. And we're playing the Giants in Richard's Donna. How many times Richard Berry played against him clearly, many times in big games. Richard is like man, this one side down the other All we get ready for the game, like, act and ways to get his mind. It's all right, all right. So we get to the game and I'm Russian Left end. He's rushing right and So it's a big third down. And I think well completed it, But so rich comes around, and he kind of rolled my way. Kind of little have many dash sprint out my way. So I'm just stringing it out doing my job. Just typically trying to keep out there and keep contained Now here comes down from behind Phil unloads it. Richard tackles him from behind, Probably Three steps when I was a step and half back in the day, but a couple steps ahead. Somebody's got him on the ground, and you know the referee standing right there. And then I remembered, I turn and I look at If he I think he completed down the field, my turn and I look at Phil Simms on the ground. He's face to make him out to his right. Richard's on his back. I swear to God, I saw the ear hole of Phil's helmet turnaround is that twice beautiful He grabbed it. His helmet and his mask and just started winding it up like a large label alarm clock in the rap was looking right at it. Nothing. I said nothing different era different world. Oh, by the way, two things out of that one causing me to Richard Dent. Tennessee State. Don't you know Tennessee State and the other thing? Used by the way you said the colonel, I got to turn in my Chicago sports card. I had no idea that was his nickname. I just quickly looked it up. Polly. Tim, you know I got that right this, according to the Chicago sports memories, Daka He is the nickname the Colonel. Because it was said like Colonel Sanders. He focused on one thing and did it very well, That's all. You got to do it. You know, I'm not one thing. Very focused. Yeah, that's it. We're trying right? That makes my morning. You may have to go after somebody who tried to take your business. If I remember back out, Colonel Sanders operated back research. That story about there was a Phil Simms If there was a Phil Simms trying to make chicken out there That's all. Reed would. Colonel Sanders did back in the day and it involves a firearm. Believe it or not, I'm all over this that we entered with Colonel Sanders made this a successful morning right now. Alright. Did TV great analysis. Great football. Ta. Good stuff. Man will look forward to the call on Sunday. And here you all week on KNBR have a good one man. Thanks to him. I said you guys good talking to you. It was the great Tim Ryan. You're listening to the caviar morning show can be heard can be our firearms SportsCenter. That may have taken care of our decoration for the way Colonel Sanders with the firearm. Uh, okay. On Mondays. What we do hums and Bob's That's right. Monday morning. Total weekend, Rico Your weekend doesn't end in your weak doesn't start until we crown the hunt of bumps all rights. Let's do it next game. We are one of 45 and 6 80 Sports. You're listeningto Murph in Max Power Hour Now on 1045 FM and 6 80. This is KNBR. Sports leader from Children Auto Body Traffic desk starting in the North East bound 7 80 right.

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