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Impressive drive by the colts with their rookie backup running back and Heinz in their seven plays eighty nine yards finished off by another. Andrew luck. Touchdown pass to Eric Hebron who has eleven touchdown receptions now this season for he's has been re reinvented coming here. I mean, I. Reliance drops comes here to Indianapolis. And just rediscovered it. So he's really good. Really good tight end this week right after a late hit penalty. The colts will kick it off for field. Kit. That will be at the one yard line by Perry up the left side here he gets up to the sixteen scratch coming in back behind Perry. Fifteen yard return. After that short kickoff by Rigoberto Sanchez. Discussion here for me to flex cable. You think it'd be obvious? Call. What? Still sorting it out the officials back about the twelve yard line to flags down one of the eleven one at the fifteen. There are two fouls against the return team on the play personal foul. Illegal double team block. Declined holding under return number forty four. Half the distance from the goal line. I down Miami backed up inside their own ten will cost ten seconds for station. ID? This is the NFL sports USA. Giants.

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