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In fact they kinda bought him a little bit low He was one of the guys they kinda switched out of. I got those kamara While he was at at as high points and took a little chance and got barkley plus you know extra so those are the types of things. I looked for so no. I mean out of all the running backs. He's as good of a bat. I think is is as the other so good. Okay well now ever get up work around the draft i can. I can keep that as part of my consideration. Thanks for talking with josh bath. Near the three peat winner and five hundred Thirty seven and seven fifty number two back to back champ here on episode five hundred the high stakes fantasy football hour. We the question from the chat room the smartest neurobiologist. I know over at cornell. Hudson reeve wants to know about the late. Signing the raiders. Made today kenyan drake from the cardinals is now going to be a las vegas raiders. So josh question for you. I guess for we'll we can talk about it from twenty twenty one aspect As well as what. It's going to be like going forward there. What does this do josh. Jacobs how do you see the backfield shaking out and as a second part to that question. chase edmonds is going to be the guy near zona or are they gonna add somebody in the draft. Yeah with josh jacobs. I actually have them on all through my teams. That was one of the things i did in. The offseason did not see them adding Devante booker but i didn't see them getting rid of their whole offensive line. Pretty much too. So there's been a lot of shake this free agency. And i keep checking it like every fifteen twenty minutes because something else comes out But yeah there's some question marks. I think about jacob's He had a limited Catching role We know he can catch but now with booker in their booker is a little bit older. He's twenty eight out there. But they're not booker during yeah So you know. I i think it does take some of the upside also jacobs. He was probably a back end. Rb one and now. I think that puts them. You know. Probably middle of rb to land so we'll have to see how that takes out In that backfield. I just before we get to the next part. I just. i'm just looking at this right now. this and again i'm doing f. Pc best ball redraft Adp here on this. This is not start up adp or anything like that since it since the signing just happened. It's not going to be very reliable. But josh jacobs was going two three. Turn as running. Back fifteen kenyan. Drake obviously was going later than that When you look at his eighty p As far as where it was at again before he signed with With the raiders. This afternoon we'll see how the squashes out over the next few days but he was running back twenty nine at seven eleven and chase edmonds As long as we're talking about the cardinals chase edmonds was actually going much later than that. Is i try to find him here. running back thirty two at the eighth ten. He was not going that much later. Then kenyan drake but he certainly has the command of the backfield. They're going forward. Maybe it's all the draft in. Arizona soaks day..

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