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His fifty year old science teacher boy to get money for pills and the science teacher like breaking bad style. Made the drugs for him. Not. No. So that's what they that's the first stop any takes his mom to it. He could've gone any friends house could've gone to the fucking drug a guy he saw at the mall. Why would he go to the science as it's probably this guy's house? So they go over there. He basically confesses to his mom that he used to fuck as science teacher for bills. But why did he go to the science teachers house? No clue why would this science teacher steal his dog? That's what I'm saying. They had an arrangement where he would fuck him for pills that why would he steal his dog and the second. They did it. I was just like. You're a good writer like why would you do this? It enrage me. I I couldn't get on miss something. I didn't miss I discussed it with everyone. They're all right being headed the whole night. Where like unless it was some sort of like, I want to tell my mom, what happened to me thing. But that wasn't in the store then after they do this reveal. He just goes on to the next house. He's looking for this dog never mentioned the science teacher again strangely enough. This is we're at the big dog seen in law where the dog bites Jason Patric. That's weird. It's a little weird. Sure. Anyway. Ben is back winds up being an even more depressing version of beautiful boy, which was the not great depressing. Steve Carell one I can't recommend it. But, you know, the two of them, I guess, we're pretty decent. Let's talk about the lost boys. Well, perfect time to drop into the film. 'cause which just transpired was Corey hayme going up, the stairs going your vampire, God damn shit sucking vampire, you wait till mom finds out at I remember, you wait till mind. Mom finds out was the big line in the trailer. Okay. He was like, you know, the the voice over would be like. Mikey's. Gotta problem his brother's vampire, and there's which okay have, you know, mom, finds that's how they let you know. Like, it's kind of comedy, I guess kind of comedy. It's certainly not funny now, it's funny. The part where they invite. What's the guy's naming in the died? Bernard Hermann with invite him over for dinner. And they do the whole thing where they turn the lights out. That's very funny when they turn the lights out, and they turn the lights back on his his there's the mirror right front of his face. Right. And he goes. That stuff and then. You don't realize younger is the frog. Brothers are supposed to be funny like Feldman and his brother. They know what they're doing to kill the vampire, but they are supposed to be funny. Right. How'd you like towns thousand bloodsuckers, you know, like it's like they clearly told Feldman like do. Asto loan thing. Got a pin Dan around that. Right. It'll be fun to watch thirteen year old act like stolen. Yeah. I mean, it didn't really make me laugh, and I found that the attempts like when he's like is brothers flying outside his window. So he's seeing his brother like as a vampire flying for the first time, and he's a what are you the flying done? It's like really that be your reaction. It just thought it was pretty stupid. And usually hate that sort of thing, by the way, you're your hypocrite. I don't even think I remember that joke. Oh, it's in their it's in like, my soul. Yeah. I mean, look I didn't say that every joke in the thing was a fucking home run do right? It also has you know, and we're we're we're far from there yet. But the last line of the movie is is pretty is a bit flippant. I really liked the last night of the movie, that's the kind of thing. I do enjoy. If I like a little the poltergeist when they you think it ends. And they kick the TV out in the hallway. That's fine. Love a little joke. Like, that's fine. I'm not like this is a similar job. I'm not crazy about the grandfather coming. That's always been the problem with this down to a minute God damn vampires..

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