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Done. Progressive dot com Casualty in terms of villians 5 40 for Marina Rock, Inger with Cuomo traffic. Well, we did have a long term issue North found I five 56th into coma Tacoma Mall Boulevard that has actually cleared and it looks like the backup is starting to thin out in that area, which is good news. South I five is solid bumper to bumper from Highway 18 into 5 to 54th South bound 167. Still, a struggle from highway 18 down to Ellingson Sound found four or five improving at Bellevue. But once he gets about southeast 20 that's still slow due. I 90 Northman I five heavy and Everett from about 47th Street, southeast to just past highway to We still have an issue off of Lake Taps in Pacific Area Lake Taps Parkway just west of one 82nd. That's where a car Hit a pedestrian, so it's blocking both directions of Lake Taps Parkway east at one, 82nd. And then the other issue as well is in federal way, where there was a collision between a car and a pedestrian on Enchanted Parkway at 3 56. This look, a traffic is sponsored by Staples Stores. Staples helps your business go big with everything you need at amazing prices from office essentials like paper and ink to healthy Central's, like masks and sanitizer. Save big at staples your next coma traffic at 5 54. That come a weather outlook. Beautiful conditions. Continue the rest of the work week. Some overnight fog early morning fog afternoon sunshine with a high tomorrow about 70 cooling into the sixties. The rest of the week, then rain returning on the weekend in downtown Seattle. 64 degrees. Come on. Use time. 5 45. Stay connected. Stay informed the Northwest on Ly 24 Hour News Station Co Moh news 1000 FM 97 7 Good evening. Thank you for joining us. I'm Rick Fan size with ELISA Jaffe, Our editor, Jeremy. Greater Technical direction today By Kelly Blier. The next presidential debate, apparently moving ahead despite President Trump being infected with Corona virus. His campaign confirmed today. He still plans to participate next week.

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