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Know, it's even Steven. They both been out for a while. They both come back in and see who's still got it. So you know what I would have gone. I was gonna say what I wonder man on the whole thing is are they gonna let anybody be championed except in Ghana because that free him from his contract if he's no longer the champion? I mean, because he's got that champions call. He's stuck for another because it's the interim championship thing. They wouldn't give him the title. They would still have to fight him. You'd still not gonna let him walk out on a technicality. Fuck. I don't know. I mean, it's crazy what's going on though. I mean, I think that obviously everybody wants to see fighters get paid more. You know, including me, I want to see them make as much as possible. But everyone is like a fucking expert on how much fighters should make, but nobody has the actual numbers. Nobody no one knows the cost of anything. It says, oh, well, they're making and boxing's the wrong because boxing's the worst model, because they boxing's dead, which is why Jake Paul is fighting, you know, fucking whatever to say boxing. You know, you literally have the two best guys in the world. You have many Pacquiao employment where they're not fight each other. To be clear though, I don't think what he's doing is saving boxing. I think he's throwing dirt piece on the coffin box in the way shop is saving comedy. That's the best one. That's third, but that's a pretty good one. But I don't think boxing should be the model because boxing has too many belts and you can't name three boxers right now. Greg, can you name three boxes? No, no, not current. Jake Paul, one more. I can name like Carol Crawford and lomachenko, Tyson Fury, Dylan. Yeah, Tyson Fury. The other one and the guy he fought three times. But, I mean, there's wilder. Wilder fury, those are the only two. Right. I mean, you know, but whatever. So I started to say that I watch boxing. The photographs are sometimes I do watch my I love the sweet science, but I mean, you know, yeah, do I really know any of the play? And that became one of those things where, you know, and UFC are in MMA, UFC is still, you know, the main leaguer than their tears kind of below that. Whereas it got all over the place with all the different order WBC WBA IBF like all the different divisions kind of became equal, but separates, you know? So I think it's kind of an apples and oranges comparison. So this week, Sean Strickland is fighting Jack Hermanson, right? Sean circling is like off the charts right now. His press conference yesterday, they asked him about homosexuals for some reason. Sure. I was gonna say, I don't say, was it moderated by mccorkle? At this, this is what he said at a press UFC press conference. Take his explanation of why he frequently uses the term gay and why it's not a case of him being homophobic. He wrote, I love gay men. Strickland said, gay men are awesome. Lesbians, not so much. Lesbians hate me. Lesbians look at me like I'm the guy that hurts them. I'm the guy. Oh, shit. I'm not your father. But gay men, gay men, look at me like they want to fuck me. And I respect that. You know, they compliment me. They slide him my DMs. I get dick. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. He basically said, look, I like gays if they're down to smash. They don't want to fuck me. I got to know you. Like Jesus Christ. And that's what having, that's the problem with, you know, there was a world when people who were public figures used to have PR people who carefully cracked the message before it got out there. Twitter was like here. Say whatever your book I'm thinking. Well, this is what you identify. So out there that no one even covered it. Like people were just like, you know, I'm not even gonna fucking dissect this. What's the dissect? Exactly what he thought. I can't be. I'm a Bowman. 'cause I love it when gay dudes want to smash me. You know? I'm a little I'm a little homophobic, but not because everything against gay people it's just not afraid of them. So I guess you would call that homophobic. Why are you afraid? Why are you afraid of them? People are afraid of ghosts or spiders, I'm just a friend. He said it's a phobia. So he's not. Yeah, it's not enough that against him. I'm just afraid of him. You think if you buy a gay person, you'll become gay. Is that what you think? Depends on where you might want. That was just like so gross. So as I said, if I got beat by one of them and I was going to say, how are they going to beat me? You said bit and Greg said depends on where they didn't. Did you ever back in your day? I know back in the day, there was no email, so probably regular mail. Did you get dick polaroids sent to you? No, I would get love letters, so yeah, fuck. I don't know when the fucking Internet first started so many took my picture, whatever information and put it on the hairy chest pages. In love letters, you know. Yeah, you did. But I can see. Either. Wait, what are the hairy chest pages? What is going on? On one ass or something. So it was like immediate when they had like bullshit board systems kind of thing, you know? Right. And listens, I guess, listservs, and they would have themes, and his picture, I guess, got propagated highly on the very chest. Whatever. I heard the guy that uploaded it, screen name was buffer four 69. Okay. I'm not sure. What's up, people? Bet online. I'd like to wish you a very happy new betting year. As we continue to march to the playoffs and beyond. But online remains the number one spot for all the best sports wagering action for 2022. It's a new year. It's a new updated desktop and mobile website to sign up today and receive your 50% welcome bonus. On your first deposit, just use the promo code CLN S 50 to get started. They got football basketball, hockey, boxing, UFC, to your favorite Vegas casino games. Don't wait to take advantage of the amazing offers available for 2022. Bet online is the fastest and easiest way to wager on all your favorite sports. But online, where the game starts. All right, check them out now. Dude, back when we had a war machine before he fucking went to jail for almost murdering Christy Mack. He came on the podcast and said that people were ordering them gay hookers all day long. Someone found out where he lives. And he had like 30 gay hookers show up at his house. He was like, he was so angry because..

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