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You'RE GONNA. See next year twenty, twenty, one, you're gonNA see all the people were grinding hustle and doing what they had to do, and you're GonNa see all the people who had house win unemployment head. Thing. Thirty one, twenty burning. Shoddy. Thirty your. Lap Yeah I hear you saying. Highlight special list that year. One find finance. Noor's 'cause like light. Bay said. Immersed, new. Year's about we're beneath. authored. Understand. Yet more restrained income coming in you know everything going on at twenty twenty. Is Things be shutdown. People losing jobs and unemployment you know are you? Yourself, and your family or wherever you're ones. Are you know? bribed or a guess almost an innocent you know businesses are closing Dow only eight rob seed. Corporation a you know yet the ashes. Aub shot essential workers to you know people hostile Yang trenches edge. About their shots and I knew. That Field A. Essenes an honor g wall mounted on everybody there. Shall Not Ebola and now in this crisis yet they had. A lot in their life on the line Not, getting sick so Outnumber Bekaa saying you know says. How how's One? One really. Position themselves you know. To set themselves for success knows a lot of people out here I will leave You know like. On Years I. Shit sounds way put together gig affleck running. As. The Amish they're. Worst thing you can do fails you feel. The android will. As as a How shall want really set themselves up for success off In twenty twenty. Or you know. What. I mean real tough I. Has Their own opinion but I really believe it I. Mean First of all starts chew man me you really have to make yourself comfortable. And what I mean about constable is getting outside of L.. Op doing the everyday life to.

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